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Hip Xray

Good Neighbours car to Whitby Hospital for Xray on my very painful right hip ~ don't understand how an artificial hip can be painful at all unless the artificial thing is grinding into the actua socket ~ whatever, I should know shortly ~ could not face another operation if that should be suggested ~ apart from any other consideration, it might mean calling on the family to be here with me for a few days afterwards, as they did so lovingly turn-and-turn-about last time.

John walked me down the yard, and the Good Neighbours driver Liz walked me up again afterwards. I hope I haven't caught cold sitting waiting by the phone box ~ Simon borrowed a chair from the cafe and sat me in the sun but blocking the pavement I'm afraid.   "Did you enjoy the flowers ?"  he asked ~ so the mystery is solved at last ~ the flowers came from Simon ~ how wonderfully kind of him !   He said he was buying flowers for the guests expected in Crystal's House, and he found he'd more than he needed ~ I am so blessed.

Theresa May has called a snap election on June 8th ~ so it will be nothing but political speculation on radio and telly for next six weeks.  No more tonight ~ this morning's outing has knocked the stuffing out of me ~ I'll switch off and carry on reading this Pearl Buck novel , "The Last Empress" a  vivid and detailed account of life as a concubine in the enclosed world of the imperial  city ~ its intrique and jealousies ~ one weird convention was that after sundown no man other than the Emperor himself was allowed within the walls of the Forbidden City ~ only the eunuchs most of whom had chosen to be castrated in return for a secure life within the royal household ~ all very strange, but obviously Pear Buck knows what she is talking about having lived so much of her life in China ~ as a missionary ~ this book shows the exact opposite of the lives she writes about in The Good Earth : the idle pampered rich compared with the poorest peasants.

Wednesday morning : quite chilly ~ PMQs was back after Easter break ~ Theresa May takes every opportunity, every question to scoff at Jeremy Corbyn though he asks some important questions that need answering ~ she gets raucous when challenged with hints of Maggie Thatcher self righteousness ~ does not bode well.  Veg soup tonight with rest of mushrooms thrown in ~ this time Sainsbury's sent me small cartons of tomato puree instead if the usual tuns of chopped ones ~ too rich really, too concentrated ~ not suitable to use with pasta ~ must not get these again.  To water the strong flavour down a bit I turned veggy stew into veggy soup ~ seemed to work quite well.

Thursday evening : Lucy came this afternoon and we had a much more positive chat than usual ~ really chilly now and heating is on again ~ Agi's birthday but I expect they are out for supper so will rimg later.  I've now got the story of my second ghost straight ~ both John and Beverley described what they saw ~ they told me independently and both versions were the same.  It was very late that night ~ the two of them were sitting on Bev's sofa when they saw a figure going up the yard, a heavy figure, definitely the figure of a man ~ Bev went to the door and called out "Hello !"  ~ the man was at my front door by then fiddling as with a key before 'melting' into my door which was of course firmly locked ~ for once there were two witnesses ~ I'm wondering whether it could be the ghost, the shade ,of Henry Freeman who certainly lived here in the late 19th century ~ he is listed on the 1881 census returns ~ from the photos, he does appear to have been a tall heavily built fellow ~ interesting.   If I wake in the night and can't get back to sleep I go down and make a hot drink but for several nights after John told me this tale I somehow couldn't bring myself to face whoever was in the kitchen ~ silly ~ whoever he is, he's been here all along !

Was Henry Freeman my late night visitor ?