the happy couple

Will and Agi today

Good Queen Bess

my collection of odd silver teaspoons ~ most antique shops couldn't be bothered with an odd one but were only interested in sets ~ sets are boring ~ these are all different ~ lovely !

The Queen's birthday, they told us on TODAY but I did not catch her age or whether this is her actual birthday rather than the official one ~ is she 90 ?   It will no doubt be mentioned again.   Rang Agi to wish her a happy birthday ~ she had to work yesterday (she is a peripatetic music teacher down in the St Ives area of Cambridge) ~ they are having a weekend in the Lake District to celebrate ~ she was an 18 year old student in Busapest when the first met and this is her 50th !   We all went out to Hungary for their wedding ~ Georgie, Kate and me ~ after the ceremony we processed through Szeged, her home town, to the restaurant and in the evening walked a mile or more along the river bank carrying food and drink for a bonfire and a picnic that went on till dawn.

Later ~ 9.45pm : after Gardeners World got hooked on Spring Watch in Japan for cherry blossom festivities ~ beautiful trees and parks but presenter (? Michaela ?) smiles too much ~  made a good fish pie with smoked fish from freezer, parsley sauce and topped with mash potato ~ when it came out of the oven it looked good and smelled good but after a couple of mouthfuls I began to feel sick ~ cannot understand why as everything fresh ~ so sadly threw it out and could not fancy anything else !   I very rarely feel sick ~ this must be the first time in five years or more !  Maybe I'll be able to face a piece of toast and marmite before bed.   Disappointing.

John was out on Bev's patio most of the day making her a splendid cabinet out of a tea chest !   Yesterday he repaired and re-upholstered a small chair for her, child sized really, old and elegant.  John is so clever ~ he can tackle just about anything ~ I mean, recently while doing up number 3 for Johnny, he built a splendid stair down to the cellar ~ pretty tricky, I should think ~ and he is always so cheerful and helpful and friendly ~ it was John who took the sitting room curtain downfor me the other day and hung them back when I'd washed them.

About 9pm I always put the electric blanket on ~ last night when I got to bed it felt a good deal warmer than normal and leaving it on the lowest setting during the night I realised it was HOT !   Not the gentle heat which is such a blessing but HOT !  I got up and switched the thing off, unplugging it too ~ first thing this morning I ordered a replacement from Amazon which should arrive tomorrow ~ so for the first time for ages I have no electric blanket tonight but I've closed the window and I'll make a hot water bottle ~ it was a good one, Morphy Richards with 3 year guarantee whch is just about how long I've had it.   I only started using it after John had gone and I was alone in my King Sized bed !

Saturday evening : before I was dressed this morning there was a knock at the door ~ Johnny had just arrived from Newcastle and asked if he could dump his bags in the sitting room until 10 when his guests would be out of no.3 ~ made us tea and toast and friendly chat until he could get into his cottage ~ Barbara came in the afternoon and sorted out a muddle I'd got into on the computer ~ she is a gem, bless her ~ my eye sight is so bad I can scarcely make out what is on the screen ~ pancakes for supper ~ 4oz flour makes 4 good pancakes and usually lasts two nights but they were so good I'm afraid I made all of them and ate them all too.   The new electric blanket arrived from Amazon ~ I only ordered it yesterday ~ Silent Night this time and guaranteed for 3 yeatrs it should see me out ~ Ellen reminds me, the Queen was 91 yesterday ~ DUTCH Ellen !!

the new blanket ~ £22 from Amazon ~ ordered last night and here it is already !