Making the scones cheered me up a bit

Oh Lotd ~ failing sight

I am having to accept that my eye sight is deteriorating and I am practically blind.   I am OK round the house ~ cooking, seeing to the washing and ironing ~ but for close work I am hopeless ~ I manage here on the computer with text blown up to 200% and even so I need to stand up with my face close to the screen ~ oh heavens, and this in spite of the 8 or 9 years of tratment I have had first at York and nowadays at Bridlington for this age related Macular Degeneration !

Maybe this explains in part at least how I came to make TWO payments to BT over and above the direct debit ~ £100 on 20th March and a further £200 on 23rd ~ Barbara, bless her, came round on Saturday afternoon and discovered where the money had gone, but checking with BT on phone just now they have no record of receiving it.   I'll have another try later ~ as worrying as the possible loss of £300 is the unhappy conclusion that I am not only lame and deaf and going blind, but losing my wits to boot !   (I do like that expression 'to boot' ~ wonder what it means, where it comes from ??) .  

Tuesday evening ~ I've done something very unkind today, to my good friend Sue ~ last week she was telling me of her depression and how she can scarcely get out of bed in the morning ~ she has been looking quite ill recently and although I have really appreciated her help these last couple of years I honestly don't think she is well enough just now ~ I wrote her a note suggesting I feel quite guilty expecting her to help me but I don't think I expressed myself very well thoughI was trying to think of it from her angle ~ oh Lord !   Hope I haven't hurt her feelings ~ she has been and still is a good friend.

Meanwhile someone recommended this Diana and on Thursday she will come and see me and talk about giving me an hour a week which is what Sue has been doing.  Oh dear . . . I am a gormless idiot !

My poor Georgie was sounding rather depressed when we spoke earlier ~ the bloody Parkinson's really has gor a hold now ~ she may have to sell her house and move into a flat or sheltered accommodation ~ and she's not 60 till Christmas~ Bill seems to be a source of comfort and support which is wonderful ~ I wish I could be of help, but Howard is not far from Driffield and keeping a loving eye on her, poor darling girl.

After such glorious weather it is suddenly quite cold and wintery ~ just as I was washing up the supper things there was a terrific HAIL STORM with such a racket !

Wednesday morning : had a busy morning but beginning to flag now ~ emptied all hoovers, dealt with small S's delivery and now with fresh flour got the scones rolled out and baked ~ the dough does not seem to be any the worse for a night in the fridge ~ just as I was ready to make them yesterday afternoon discovered I'd put all the flour into the mixture and none left for pastry board ~ I had thought there was an unopened bag of flour in the fridge but discovered it was sugar ~ that's blindness for you ~ storing a bag of sugar in the fridge !

Later : 8.45pm : have been feeling rather depressed all day ~ so sad for my poor Georgie and her bloody Parrkinson's : I didn't handle the situation with Sue very well, and I realise how hurt she is, though she has so many problems medical and financial that I honestly have been feeling guilty about her expecting her to come round to help me : Diana comes in the morning 9.30 - 10.30 at the same rate £12 per hour and I hope it works out : if one week she will do bathroom, landing and top flight of stairs, ditto on this floor, and kitchen if there is time : and the second week change my sheets, hoover bedroom, and down to do kitchen with VAX ~ Barbara gave me a telling off ~ this will be a working arrangement not a friendship ~ I guess I'm not very good in that respect ~ delicious scones !

Noticed small sticky patch on chest of drawers when I was putting the iron away ~ oh dear, slight leakage from bottle of fruit punch ~ hope it is still OK !   Wouldn't want to waste it !

Thursday morning ~ Diana came and got cracking straight away ~ she has a hair dressing business as well as cleaning ~ I think we'll get on well.   Phoned Health Centre about results of XRAY ~ no problem showed up so physiotherapist might be able to help ~ maybe the pain is simply arthritis ~ whatever it is it's excrutiating.   Ellen has gone off to London for a few days.   Marvellous item from Adrian Mills regarding an ancient bed said to have belonged to Henry VII and his wife ~ amazing craftsmanship and scholarship involved ~ passed story on to several others.  Discovered I have got email address for Howard after all ~ so glad one of us is there for Georgie.


One bottle had been leaking I discovered ~ the berry punch ~ hope it is still drinkable ~ I'll have a drop now to check

My Georgie