Oh Happy days ~ If only I could still hang washing out to dry !

Couldn't find my place on KIndle this morning ~ it usually goes straight to the page you were last reading ~ charging it up in case that is the problem ~ it's another Pearl Buck that I've already mentioned ~ I read so sowly nowadays ~ 'The Last Empress' ~ set in the mid 19th century, when at the slightest insubordination it's "Off with his head" ~ the palace is staffed by eunochs, and no-one but the emperor allowed any sexual activity and his main function in life seems to be to beget a male heir ~ strange but interesting.

I mentioned the item Adrian sent me recently on the royal bed which was believed to have been made for Henry VII ~ find the story at  twitter.com/jonathanfoyle)  ~  fascinating !

My hip is dreadfully painful especially in the night but doctor rang with result of xray and no obvious problem so I must take pain killers as required ~ it feels as if the artificial joint is grinding into the socket but that would have shown up surely ~ guess I just have to live with it ~ maybe it is arthritis ~ maybe this is arthritic pain ~ depressing prospect though it does ease off once I get going ~ change and decay . . . what with this and my increasing blindness, I am fast becoming a wreck !

The scones look better than they are ~ again, they are a bit doughy ~ suspect it is because nowadays I get a tub of sour cream with S's order, when I used to add a little vinegar to the MILK ~ they are OK but not brilliant.   Friendly chat sitting in the sun out on the bench with Bev and Peter and Barbara and then Mary ~ such a friendly yard.   Since waking up from my flop I've done nothing useful, but carried on reading this Peartl Buck book ~ good news ~ Bev has seen two possibilities to move to ~ one a cottage at Glaisdale which is a bit far out of town though regular trains ~ the other on Baxtergate I think she said, an interesting flat ~ that's cheered her up a bit, though what she really wanted was to stay put ~ still nobody knows WHY Eileen is selling up.

Saturday morning ~ it was gone 11.30 when I came up to bed last night and Annie's kitchen light was still on ~ slightly worried that she had come down and was pottering around without anyone realising she was out of bed ~ Annie is 96 ~ still a light on in Jean's kitchen too so phoned her and she popped round to check but all well ~ the light must have been left on earlier.  On doctor's advice I am taking two paracetamol last thing and two more if I wake in the night which does enable me to get off to sleep .

I feel quite limp today and already at midday fighting a desire to fill a hot water bottle and settle down on sofa for a flop ~ must keep going till after lunch ~ I'll go and wash my hair, see if that helps.   Later : yrs, it did ~ came back to life and now after sound flop tidying up photo library on computer which has got out of hand ~ I maybe take 2 or 3 shots of whatever is to go on blog, use one but save all !   On with the good work then . . . 

Gues I was just hungry ~after a good hot bath and healthy supper (pasta, fruit and custasrd) watched Dad's Army and now I'll shut this down and carry on with the Pearl S Buck book ~ the power the Empress had in the Forbidden City is quite terrifying ~ she was simply a concubine, one of dozens, who caught the eye of the Emperor and bore him a son making her Empress Mother, and when the sickly Empeorer dies she becomes Regent with supreme power.