The other brothers ~ David and Stephen

Brother Bill's birthday

Happy Birthday brother William

I think Bill was my favourite brother ~ sixth in the family of seven ~ Mum had this theory that we none of us got on with the next one down ~ I certainly found Stephen a bit of a pain, quite unreasonably.   I'm so glad that Bill and Sue came up to Whitby stayng in Johnny's cottage ~ numbrer 3 ~ which had not then been done up ~ it has now had several weeks work on it, new kitchen, new bathroom, new furniture ~ however they did not complain, Bill and Sue, but were warm and comfortable they said.  I've sent him an email though I believe Bill and his son John always go away around their joint birthdays, a bonding trip abroad ~ that's nice, isn't it.

After our falling out last week, I was so glad that Sue came round this morning and we sorted out the misunderstanding ~ I admire her for taking the initiative over this ~ she might have met with frosty dismissal ~ we've been friends for several years, and I would not like to lose her ~ or to have upset her ~ but all is well between us again.

Bank Holiday so yard very quiet though no doubt Church Street will be heaving with visitors.   Shock horror reports ~ the Magpie, Whitby's world famous fish & Chip restaurant, was on fire yesterday in a small way, but today a roaring fire and someone said the roof has fallen in ~ dreadful !   How could it have happened ?   Surely not a chip pan fire !

Instead of sending bedding to the laundry tomorrow, my dressing gown can go along with a bath towel ~ Diana will change the sheets on Thursday and next Tuesday I can get back into the usual pattern with the laundry ~ duvet cover and bottom sheet every fortnight ~ I don't use a TOP sheet or I get myself tied up in knots.

Spent an hour tidying emails ~ sorting out the wheat from the chaff ~ and carried on organising photo library in which I have about fifty folders !   Tonight I can probably finish the Pearl S Buck novel, The Last Empress ~ her power has become terrifying and ruthless yet she started out as a humble concubine who happened to bear a son, though possibly/probably not the Emperor's ~ if true and if discovered, this would be reason enough to condemn her to death ~ if a woman was condemned, she was given a silken rope and sent off to hang herself ~ the men were simply beheaded !

Later : 10pm : Bev and John are out on her patio with the chiminee thing going ~ it has been there unused for several years since Cheryl and Des bought it ~ they only lit it once as far as I remember and it smoked the place out ~ we all had to close our windows ~ John says they were using the wrong fuel ~ he is burning wood and there have been no smoke problems ~ they look so comfortable, out there, the two of them, eating their supper by the blazing chiminee and candles around !   Such a happy scene.   With S's order I got a box of Mr Kiplings iced fancies ~ you know what I mean ~ small square iced fancies, yellow, pink and chocolate ~ I've been allowing myself one a night but I'm afraid tonight I weakened and took a second ~ they are topped with some delicious gooey confectioner's cream ~ so rich and sweet ~ I suppose tomorrow night I must resist even one to make amends for such self-indulgence !   Having reached the last few pages of the Pearl Buck novel, the jolly kindle is running out of power and is having to be recharged before I can finish the book !   I usually make sure I recharge the kindle every day but must have forgotten earlier.   Infuriating.

Tuesday evening : Barbara came again this morning to sort out the muddle I'd got into with BT payments ~ she suggests I should ask Kate to come over for a couple of nights to sort out all my finances and put them all on direct debit to avoid future difficulties ~ you can see, I am steadily losing my wits.   Managed to avoid Mr Kipling's iced fancies today ~ terribly bad for me I'm sure ~ 80% sugar at least ~ turning off now to go down and have a read by the fire.


the five young ones ~ Stephen, Nancy, Mary, William and Helen