This rainbow towel which I never use, always saving it for visitors ~ silly of me ~ it is so huge and fluffy, and anyway I don't often get visitors !

Pure poison but oh so yummy !

BT rang and are refunding the £300 I paid in error ~ it seems I have two accounts with BT ~ phone and broadband which is paid by DD and usually amounts to about £60 a month PLUS £5 monthly for by email ~ a helpful advisor, Trudy, who was very patient in spite of my deafness and general stupidity ~ why had I paid the £300 in the first place when both BT accounts are paid automatically by DD !   Good question !

Woke in the night and as I'd finished the Pearl S Buck, I started a new one ~ hopefully a lighter read ~ "The Cupboard" by  Rose Tremain ~ though it opens with the narrator taking sleeping pills before squeezing herself into the cupboard to commit suicide ~ a grim start but told in a light hearted way. 

Ellen came on her way to her garden ~ she had a splendid trip to London and walked miles and saw everything she'd planned to see ~ the weather has been so dry I watered my pots last night ~ a new set of solar lights, colour changing ~ super.   Gulla are nesting on the roof of the lower dormer again and what a mess they make below ~ there is at least this much to clear up every morning at present !

Gulls nesting on the roof of the dormer ~ and very messy they are with their building material !