Such self-indulgence !

the scarecrow and the goose girl ~ I do hope they find a loving home

Farewell my faithful friends !

Chocolate heaven !

Elen came in ~ bi-monthly chocs arrived ~ Steve the Post must knock for choc tomorrow ~ as he delivers them it seems only fair to give him a couple ~ for all my poverty in years gone by, I've indulged myself with these Hotel Chocolats ~ when John was alive we had a box each month and shared the price and the chocs ~ there are always two of each ~ now I'm on my own I have a box every other month and obly allow myself two a night ~ the current price is £22 which is not too expensive ~ scarcely £2.50 per week ~ and I only eat these chocs ~ no mars bars or crunchies ~ the selection is different every month and a menu is provided with name of chocolatier etc ~ well, feel free to scoff ~ these luxury chocs are my secret weakness.

I hope the dustmen come tomorrow and I hope it is the BLUE week when they take recycling stuff ~ I have three blue bags full and a couple of boxes besides.   Bev came in partly to borrow my caserole pan and had good chat ~ the best possibility for her is a cottage at Glaisdale though it is a bit of a trek in to town ~ she is still recovering from serious surgery, poor soul, and could do without being made homeless !

Thursday pm : Diana came and changed the sheets ready for the laundry and gave the kitchen a damned good clean with the old VAX which I bought the very day I moved in here from the dismal holiday flat where Tony Oakes had put me while the work here was completed ~ as she was finishing, there was a load bang and the Vax had given up the ghost fusing lights and sockets on ground floor !  Within a few minutes my Coast Call carers rang ~ it was showing up on their computer that I was in trouble ~ amazingly Elaine and her fellow carer (whose name has gone clean out of my head although we had had quite a chat about it) arrived and switched the fuse g back on and no permanent damage done ~ talk about CARERS !!   Good chat with my poor Georgie ~ the only medication they are offering her for the bloody Parkinson's carries epilepsy warning and as she has been on epilepsy drugs for years no way does she want to risk that starting up again.   It sounds as if Bill is being a real brick, caring and supportive, so that's a blessing.   Sent order to Sainsbury's and ~ oh lord, how can I confess this ~ including another box of Mr Kipling's delicious Iced Fancies ~ I can see that when I realise I can't get into my summer jeans, I' going to regret this especially as yesterday the bi-monthly chocs arrived from Hotel Chocolat but I only allow myself two a day and I give several away ~ as he delivers the box and knows full well what is in it, Steve the Postie always has a couple ~ fair's fair !

As everyone is telling me I must start getting rid of some of the clutter, I have just brought down all the dear old friends from the attic ~ the GOOSE GIRL Rosemary gave me, the SCRAECROW Groergie made me, the PENGUIN came from Woolworths closing down sale and he sits on the top landing to remind me that the electric blanket is on up there in the spare bed ~ all off to the Heart Shop in the morning ~ farewell, my hearties !!

The Nanny and child I found at an upmarket WI stall I remember ~ and at 5/- madly extravagant but so beautifully made, so beautifully dressed with broderie anglaise knickers and petticoat under her soft velvet dress and cap and apron ~ several years back, when she was beginning to look haggard,  Mother gave her a face lift which was not very successfu,l but I loved her just the same ~ your blogger has spent most of her adult life compensating for her lost (thanks to epilepsy) childhood !

and dear old Percy Penguin ~ all bound for the Heart Shop in the morning.

Nanny and infant ~ years ago in Winchester I found her at a stall of needle craft ~ so lovingly made, so beautifully dressed with fine velvet dress and broderie anglais underclothes, apron and cap ~ paying all of 5/- for her I told myself she was for Katie who would have been about 3 at the time . . . BUT fat too beautiful for a child !