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Georgie brought me a shredder

Georgie was here for a couple of hours so that was lovely ~ we seem to be two old crocks, both of us, nowadays, but it was good to see her and cheerful chat in spite of all.   She brought me a shredder which she had bought specially ~ she is worried that I simply tear stuff up, bank statements and prescriptions ~ she set it up in the attic and we had a practice go on it ~ bless you, love ~ a very kind and caring thought.   Yesterday Beverley brought me a helping of the excellent stew / caserole (is there a difference ?) for which she'd borrowed my large oven pot ~ I'm going to miss Bev when she goes, but at least now she has something in mind which sounds perfect ~ a cottage out at Glaisdale ~ do hope she gets it.  Barbara came for our usual lively hour ~ she will come in early in the week to make sure BT have refunded the £300 I paid in error ~ she says not to make any payments without her supervision ~ I am getting dopey ~ though just about all my regular payments are on direct debit and should cause no problem.

After I'd announced that I was thinking of giving some of the Sofa Family to the Heart Shop, almost immediately ('d hardly switched the computer off) Kate rang in a srare, "Mother ~ DON'T dream of giving these toys away ~ they are part of our lives, our childhoods . . . "   So of course I removed them from the bin bag and restored them to their rightful place ~ I have to admit I was quite chuffed at this, as mostly they are asking how on earth they will cope with all the knick-knacks and clutter when I'm gone ~ to which I have no answer except that it wont be MY problem ~ Kate's main concern was the Nanny and Infant which she says she bought at a posh jumble sale way back in Winchester ~ I thought I found them, but she's probably right ~ certainly Nanny used to lie on Kate's bed in North View.   One of the big bears is Kate's as well ~ next time she's here I must make sure she takes them home with her though I can't help feeling that while her boys were little these old treasures might have got battered ~ at least in my care they have been well preserved.

The Conservatives are crowing at Thursday's local election results ~ there is a General Elcetion in a month when they are expecting a landslide victory ~ sickening.   At the Referendum every vote actually counted so why don't they use that system for all elections ~ First Past the Post means most results are predictable and it is only in the marginals that every vote might count.   An interesting book I'm reading, "The Cupboard" by Rose Tremain ~ a story within a story so I've got to keep my wits about me.  I'll take a photo of the shredder later, and of Kate's big teddy ~ I bought it for her years and years ago, back in Quarry Road days, from the £50 Joy Anderson (Mother's sister Joy) left me ~ I also bought myself a pair of shoes from Stead & Simpson, posh shop,  posh shoes, but it had been so long since I'd had new shoes, I got a size 7 instead of 6, explaining I must leave room for my feet to grow !!  The assistantt must have thought I was bonkers ~ lovely blue ankle boots but always too big !   Otherwise I had had the one pair of brown brogues most of my adult life !   Hardly credible, I know, but true !




We set the shredder up in the attic and I must make sure I use it !

A May morning and cobweb brush drying in the sun