My secret weakness ~ I must get a grip !


Aargh ~ don't tempt me !

Wonderful news ~ notification from Pensions people DWP  ~ a four page letter ~ informing me that  my weekly payment is going up ~ great ! ~ but wait a minute, let me get this right ~ going up from £82.30 to £83.10 !   a full 80 pence per week ~ Oh gee ~ I must try not to go mad with it !  Try not to spend it all at once !   Won't even buy me a box of Mr Kipling's iced fancies which is just as well or I'll get fat, get sugar poisoning ~ 80 pence !!   Just think what it must have cost them in postage alone to send this important document out to all of us, millions of pensioners !   Eighty-fucking-pence !

Message from Kate about the planned opening of the Halifax Piece Hall which she has been involved in for a couple of years ~ the actual building looks astonishing ~ Georgie rang and although she saw the Parkinson's expert early in the week, she still has not received the medication which he recommended, hopefully the one which will not carry the risk of epilepsy.    A small problem with the washing machine ~ Peinny Wise showed me how to take out the powder drawer to clean it, but I've put it back badly as softener compartment never empties and laundry feels harsher than normal ~ it's not urgent ~ I've been living with it for weeks but  Keith Bedlington is coming first thing on Monday so that's good.   Made an appointment for Eye Test at Vision Express as demanded by the Bridlington Opthalmists  (sp ?) but only after some confusion about my identity ~ they have me down as ELIZABETH Peach but we sorted it out eventually ~ I am Elizabeth Joy but nobody has ever called me that except when I first went to Merrywood Grammar and they'd call out Elizabeth Proctor and I'd just sit there like a dumbo thinking funny there is another PROCTOR in the class.   I've been eating pancakes for last two nights but finished the batter last night so maybe cheese on toast with salad tonight.  And maybe one or Mr Kipling's iced fancies later . . .

Saturday afternoon : new mat came to go along in front of the sofa ~ it looks good ~ NO MORE RUGS ~ I've gone a bit mad for rugs lately.  A dull day though there was a brief burst of sunlight through the cloud.   All news bulletins and much of Question Time given to the forthcoming election ~ all Theresa does is slate Jeremy who seems to have more integrity than most politicians ~ hope she doesn't get the landslide victory that is predicted ~ there's a good deal of Maggie about her now ~ terrifying ~ maybe (and it pains me to suggest it)  maybe women can't handle power without becoming bossy.

I finished 'The Cupboard'  by Rose Tremain  last night but it was rather disappointing, it rather fizzled out ~ I thought she was a good author, I've read several of her books in the past.


My Georgie ~ turning up the net curtains for me, bless her.