Old Age

It'll get you all in the end but it is a bugger ~ the playwright knew what he was talking about : "sans eyes, sans ears, sans every bloody thing"

Sunday afternoon : yes, it's definitely catching up with me ~ although I can cope around the house, cooking, washing and ironing, I can scarcely see what I am typing here and that's zooming in to 200% on the computer screen ~ thank goodness for the Kindle without which I could not read at all.  I am terribly deaf and can only understand what is being said if people are talking directly at me ~ is it lip-reading ?  Maybe.   I'm frail and lame of course and scarcely leave the house nowadays.   I have to get up several times in the night for a wee ~ three or four times and never sleep soundly for more than two hours ~ but at least I'm not wetting the bed ~ well, NOT YET !   I can't eat politely now as my hands shake so that I slop stuff all over ~ in fact I have become a disgusting wreck !   Not for the sqeamish among you, but while we are in this area, what a glorious feeling of emptiness there is after a good shit especially if you've been bunged up for a day or two ~ OK, I shouldn't mention it and there's no need to look like that but we're all human aren't we and the bliss, the relief is surely a universal experience ~ in any case, when you reach my age I guess I can say anything.

Glorious again ~ Beverley and John came in for Tarot readings which, as usual, seemed to make a lot of sense to them.  Alison and Simon are next door and came in with great excitement yesterday to tell me they are engaged ~ (and high time too) ~ he had popped the question down on the Pier ~ they look ecstatic, both of them ~ Simon is on his own, his children all lhappily launched ~ she lost her husband to cancer when their boy was small ~ Robert has just finished his law studies and is one of the most handsome lads ever ~ I've known Alison for years ~ she and Robert  have  been coming to number 7  with other friends  ~ so that is a really happy story and apparently being on the spot I was the first to be told.   At this auspicious moment, they are coming for Tarot readings tomorrow 

World wide chaos as computers succumbed to yesterday's  cyber attack ~ by far the worst and most wide spread ever ~ and further attacks predicted ~ in the UK it is the NHS which has been particularly badly hit and I've just seen on local news that our Scarborough Trust has been affected along with hundreds of others ~ so far they have no idea who is behind it though someone said it could be a teenager messing about on his bedroom computer ~ others say it is so sophisticated that it must be an international gang ~ Crikey ~ never mind atomic bombs, never mind how many high powered submarines we've got, when world wide chaos can be created so easily ~ so quickly ~ a terrifying prospect indeed.

Monday morning : Keith Bedlington was here at 9 to sort out problem with detergent tray in washer ~ £10 he said, which was ridiculous and reluctantly he accepted £20 ~ I am glad to hear he is not planning to retire for a few years yet ~ a friendly God-send !   On her way to doctor, Sue came for coffee  ~ I'm glad we are still friends ~ she has so many problems in her life but thankfully Eddy takes good care of her ~ they enjoy his allotment together and he is a keen cook and makes her splendid meals.   

IThe list of the PROBLEMS of old Age is so negative, I must now list the BLESSINGS :  thanks to the Pension People, for the first time in my life I have no money worries : how fortunate I am to live here in this beautiful old house in this history-steeped yard in such a fascinating town nestlingas it does  between the sea and the moors : apart from my poor Georgie with the fucking Parkinson's, my family are all flourishing, children and grandchildren alike : although I am housebound, I have many good friends locally and further afield :though my eye sight is so poor, I can still read on the Kindle : with help in the house (Diana) and in the garden (Richard) I am able to keep going here : and although I have been struggling all my life to make it as writer, the blog gives me a small sense of fulfilment in that respect : apart from Brother Stephen (who is a lost cause) I am in touch with all my siblings ~ and this has not always been the case : and hopefully I can survive here among all my colourful clutter until the end.