the first of my little darlings

Richard and Bruno on St Giles Hill, Winchester

. . . which falleth as the gentle rain from heaven . . .


Gentle rain falling steadily all day ~ and very welcome too.

Donald Trump seems to be getting into deeper trouble by the day and even some in his own party are talking about impeachment ~ he behaves as if he is there by divine right ~ quite astonishing that he ever reached the White House.   A lot to be said for our royal family.   Georgie was needing to see a specialist regarding some of her Parkinson's symptoms ~ it was a question of waiting till August or going private ~ her half hour consulation cost £200 !   The Moors Murderer Ian Brady has died ~ ignoring his dying wish, his ashes will not be scattered on Saddleworth Moor where with Myra Hindley he tortured and murdered five child victims ~ a monster who showed no remorse.

I have suddenly gone mad for olives ~ Sainsbury's do a mixed pack ~ black, green, and green stuffed with red pepper ~ I seem to be getting through one pack a week, guzzling them greedily with lunch time nibbles !   Sarah sent me such lovely photos of her family ~ I do hope they manage a trip to Whitby this summer ~ they live up in Northumberland, I think ~ we are only in touch by email.  She is Brother Stephen's daughter but he will have nothing to do with her and has never met her three delightful children ~ what an idiot !!  

 Having read the Guardian / the Manchester Guardian all my adult life, and had a dozen or more articles published in it (my proudest boast), because of my failing eye sight I no longer take a paper which meams I am reliant on Radio4 and Jon Snow's News ~ I am losing touch !

Thursday evening ~ a RED LETTER DAY indeed ~ out of the blue an email popped up from this "Richard Peach" ~ I thought it was a hoax but NO sure enough a perfectly friendly message from Richard Thomas Wilson Peach my long lost first born who stormed off out of my life some 40 years ago when he would have been 21 and had just graduated from Canterbury ~ I am so thankful we can make peace at last before it is too late ~ PRAISE THE LORD and GREATLY says this heathen ~ June 7th he's coming ~ home briefly from Barcelona staying with his Dad down in Willoughby ~ post graduation he qualified as a chartered accountant and was eventually head hunted by an international company in Zurich (or so the others have told me) and has now retired to Spain with his Spanish partner ~ 40 years !   I'd long given up any hope of ever seeing him again ~ wonders never cease.   A glass of wine is definitely called for tonight.



Richard and Bruno with me and my parents outside our Quarry Road house ~ long long ago

A happy family ~ Kate with her hair too short and all in home made jerseys ~ mother's own work !