Telly gone again

Oh dear ~ with all the excitement yesterday I managed to press the wrong button on the telly and screen filled with falling snow ~ fiddled with remote for a while but could not recover picture ~ SHIT ! ~ missed Question Time which would have been lively I guess.  Last time this happened, Mary said Rose is pretty good with TV problems so rather than ring Peter at TV Repairs, I'll see if Rose can fix it after work.   Another of these grey damp days but quite mild and the gardens are perking up wonderfully.  

Saturday 4pm ~ I've just done a reading for Bev's friend Liz from Scarborough and again it seemed to have made wonderful sense to her ~ how on earth does it work ?   In fact Bev fixed the telly for me, bless her.   Chris and Annie came up the yard to tell me how pleased they are on the RTWP front ~ they wouldn't come in as they were going for their bus ~ their good news is that Christopher has been given a bit of garden outside their flat ~ couldn't imagine how he would cope without any at all ~ in Blackburns Yard his patch was a regular prize winner.

I am so happy about Richard's forthcoming visit ~ hope I don't drop dead between now and June 7th.  My eyes are so bad now that I can't see the jolly cursor on the screen without standing right up close and I can't always find it then ~ if I suddenly stop blogging you will know why.

A friendly message from Pat  Palmer, our next-door neighbour in Quarry Road Winchester ~ so pleased to hear that Richard may be coming back into the fold after all this tume ~ like us, Pat and John had four children but two of theirs were adopted.

Sunday morning : Funny thing ~ there seem to be no brown jerseys anywhere !   It's a man's baggy brown jersey I'm looking for ~ at the moment I have this deep need to wear brown ~ quite ridiculous of course, and at my time of life ~ I seem to have spent all my life in navy b;ue or bottle green ~ camouflage I guess ~ and now BROWN ~ mind I do have a glorious PINK fleece dressing gown ~ otherwise it is WHITE bloomers, WHITE t-shirts ~ but the house is awash with colour so maybe that is enough ~ looking back, I think our marriage was colourless ~ I remember the time when Richard was at uni and Georgie in Australia, and Howard remarked that soon it would be just the two of us ~ " and we will sit by the fire,you and I, and when ever you look up there I shall be ~ and whenever I look up, there will be you"  - says Gabriel Oakes in Thomas Hardy's, Far from the Madding Crowd ~ I'm afraid these comforting words filled me with horror and the possibility of escape took hold though in those days divorce was still frowned on ~ my parents were deeply shocked and worried as to what would become of me (and with justification) ~ eventually they had to accept that all four of their daughters would get divorced ~ the three brothers seem to have fared more wisely although poor David died in his early sixties and Stephen's wife Dianne died too ~ of all of us, Bill and Sue are the sole survivors. 

It is only fair to say here that in our case it wasn't Howard's fault ~ I am just not the marrying kind.   In our young days, if a girl was not married in her early twenties there was somLthing odd about her.   The other stupid convention was that if you slept with your boyfriend, you married him ~ end of story.   Howard and I met at Beckett Park Teacher Training College in Leeds ~ he was my first and only boyfriend ~ my fate, OUR fates, were sealed one Sunday on Ilkley Moor and never mind bahtat (sp ?) with no sense of guilt or shame (and obviously no knickers either)! We had all led such sheltered lives, me and my sisters ~ Nancy and Mary and Helen all away at single sex boarding schools ~ Christ's Hospital for the first two, and Redmaids for Helen ~ so in spite of our three brothers we none of us had any idea about the important matter of finding a mate ~ between the four of us we have had six divorces !