My lovely family ~ Will and Agi, bless them !

Willing helpers

~ill and Agi are here and busy as bees up on the kitchen table cleaning the high shelf ~ so good to have them here ~ they are staying at number 4 David's cottage which makes it easier for all of us ~ yesterday they had a good long walk, and came back and made supper ~ baked spuds and salad and crispy bacon ~ on Saturday night they brought fish and chips which was a treat ~ yesterday morning we sat out on their patio in the sunshine with croisants and coffe ~ all so friendly.   Much as I enjoy family and friends, I get very tired just talking ~ patheric really.   Dan rang from York having finished his thesis ~ no final exams he tells me ~ they've done them earlier ~ if he gets a good degree he hopes to stay on to do a Master's degree ~ all these bright grandchildren ~ wonderful !

   I think W & A are going to hoover up here underneath my work top ~ I don't let Diana or anyone else clean in here ~ too much stuff ~ so of course it only gets a quick go with the dyson when I think about it, and even then only the visible carpet !  What good kids !

Tuesday : Bless them !   While I was busy up here Will and Agi cleaned all the high areas in the kitchen ~ as well as the high shelf, the panel above the Aga and that corner which gets terribly dusty from the Aga though I don't quite understand WHY # one of the Aga engineers told me it attracts dust to it ~ whatever, it certainly creates dust ~ really thick cotton wool layers of dust ~ but now all clean and sweet ~ wonderful.   We'd had very goos scrambled eggs (the Hungarian way) for lunch so I just had slice of Botham's bloomer with banana for supper and they ate at home (number 4) where Will had found a DVD of 'The Fishing Party'  (a Whitby film) andt we settled o watch it  but it was faulty with spasmodic sound  so we gave up ~ just then the telly screen became a snowstorm and Bev and John both came and tried to fix it ~ finally Will got it going again by which time it was nine o'clock  and they went home and I watched the Politics program ~ interviews with Mat and Corbyn.

This morning Will went over for Sally Lunn and then they set off for a good walk ~ it was dull to start with but now it has brightened up.   It is lovely having them around, and not under my feet but two doors down giving us all independence.  Great !I thought I'd ordered a solar globe for the garden but it runs on a battery which has to be recharged ~ Will put it in the far alcove ~ it changes colour and is quite gorgeous.   Supper : mashed potato, brocoli, carrots, and lamb cutlets or sausages.   We are eating well !   I shall miss them when they go home on Thursday ~ I'm proud of my family, all of them.

Stephen's drawing of the whirligig above the Aga

the high shelf and all my 'clutter' freshly cleaned !