The colour changing globe

Will cleaning my study ~ and high time too ~ "Mother ~ when did you last do it ?"

Away they went

At last I've found a home for this fluffy rug ~ alongside the bath ~ I bought it for Georgie but she says she can't cope with rugs ~ these days she'd just trip over them

Will and Agi set off for home mid morning and I have been feeling rather floppy ever since so apart from saying how much I enjoyed their visit I wont write any more tonight but catch up tomorrow    Friday morning ~ coming back to life ~ slowly ~ they stopped in Danby on their way and had a walk and a meal in a very nice cafe ~ so that was a happy discovery for the, Danby ? Danby Dale ~ I think Fred took me there once, years ago ~ and Lucy did too and we had a picnic in the grounds of the big house with music which quite blew  Lucy away.   David is here at number 4 and only just missed W & A ~ Tom is back too.

This latest book that popped up on Kindle is very interesting ~ again, set in Holland though by a different author but again in the 1600s ~ I've never had much interest in Holland but both of these novels are fascinating: The Words in my Hand by Guinevere Glasfurd ~ I suddenly cannot remember the title of the other one ~ possibly The Sound of Language by Amulya Malladi, though that name does not sound Dutch, does it.   This is the trounle with the Kindle ~ once you have downloaded it, you only see the point you've reached in it, not TITLE or AUTHOR unless you go back to the computer ~ I think I must set up a new file of Kindle titles as I read them ~ for years and years I've kept a note of everything I've read ~ Dianne Doubtfire once gave me a beautiful note book with unlined pages and shiney black cover which I felt should have a special use ~ ah, here we are ~ I've kept it faithfullu from July 1985 ~ sadly my eye sight is so poor now that I can no longer do this ~ my writing has become scrawl and instead of a dozen or so to a page, a couple of entries almost fill a page.   I'm suddenly remembering Mother's hand writing which was always beautiful and did not deteriorate until her nineties when she was becoming bewildered, bless her !  By comparison, mine is a disgrace.   Daddy had very good hand writing too ~ his was small an neat ~ both of them had had early years with 'pot hooks and hangers', as that system of teaching writing was called ~ and it showed.   In both cases, their hand writing was neat and full of character ~  the lost art of hand writing, I guess ~ I don't think Primary Schools spend much time on it these days, do they ?   Such a shame.Copper Plate has gone out of the window !

Later when it grows dark I will take a photo of this glorious new globe ~ I expected it was SOLAR powered and would go out on the high wall outside the kitchen wuindow but it is battery operated and needs regular recharging but it is glorious in the sitting roiom ~ I must stop buying toys !   When I came to from my flop I found someone had left a bunch of flowers on the step ~ sweet williams ~ from Simon I suspect, he left me some once before and it was ages before I discovered where they'd come from ~ how kind !   Right ~ a potato in the oven and .just time to have a bath before supper

Mysterious flowers which I found on the step ~ Simon, did you leave them there ? I remember it was you the last time this happened ~ whoever it was, such a lovely surprise ~ bless you !