Simon's sweet williams looking more comfortable in a bigger jug

to Optician

Just back from Spec Savers with fresh prescription for reading glasses ~~ Julie the Ophthalmist was an impressive figue in long flowing gown and sparkly head dress ~ a Muslim, she told me ~ not a nun but a Muslim ~ can't think how she'd cope with the rain in her long skirts ~ gave me a very thorough examination and need new reading glasses ~ chose NHS frames which I don't have to pay for ~ the frame fairly heavy and fairly dark ~ such a friendly atmosphere in there and all staff so helpful ~ taxi there and when I was done they rang for a taxi back home ~ bucketing down with rain ~ Tom and Simon called to collect me and walk me down to the taxi ~ at last I was able to thank Simon for the flowers he left me ~ sweet williams ~ as they open the flowers are pink and purple ~ to start with I put them in a slim jug but this did not do them justice and moved them to large white milk jug in which they can spread themselves more comfortably ~ thank you simon ~ so kind !

Now that I'm  houseboundII  have a postal vote ~ Lib Dems as usual, though in effect it is a waster vote though maybe it counts over all.   At the REFERENCUM every vote really did count but normally it is only in the marginals that this happens ~ if they changed the system it might  persuade more of us off our sofas.

Friday evening : with so much excitement I have not touched this for a couple of days but will catch up tomorrow I hope ~ suffice it to say, Richard and Howard came over yesterday for the easiest happiest reunion after forty years ~ they arrived mid morning and we had coffee and I shooed them off for a pub lunch while I had a bit of a flop ~ they came back around 2.30 and eventually went home (back to Cottingham) just before 5pm ~ what a blessing, burying the hatchets ~ we did not speak of Bruno or Janet but otherwise caught up on those missing years ~ praise the Lord ~ I did say I hoped this would not be the one and only time we would meet now that the ice is broken and he seemed certain that there would be other visits.  It's been so long.  Richard brought me a coffee table book about Barce;ona where they live ~ sadly it was a miserably wet day but here in my kitchen there was nothing but rejoicing !

I stayed up late as the election results came in and having woken for a wee I went down, made a mug of tea and watched for another hour or so ~ I kept telling myself, just one more result, just one more . . . it is always gripping as the results come through.   Labour doing surprisingly well and Theresa May taking quite a beating ~ even her Tory faithful are saying it was a mistake, calling for an election, and a personal disaster for her, though she has been to see the Queen and intends to carry on regardless.

Barbara popped in and met Richard and Howard, Bev had a word with them and took a photo of the three of us on R's camera ~ Mary and Tom came in to say Hello too ~ a thoroughly happy day.  I've just sent order to S's which will be delivered in the morning ~ I'd misjudged the milk situation last week and only ordered two litres ~ I have half a pint or so left for tonight and I cam always make a mug of instant chocolate later ~ just add hot water.   For now, I'm shutting this down to go and have a read on the sofa ~ and so, Good Night !