Diana's roses

Mary's Party

Enough roses for two vases !

A fine morning and hopefully it will stay fine for Mary's party up on their top garden tonight ~ doubt I can get up there but I will try ~ Mary's birthday and their 13th anniversary.   Johnny is here and came in with a bottle of wine last night and had friendly chat till I threw him out at 9pm ~ I do enjoy his friendship ~ that he bothers with an old fogy like me ~finished the novel about Descartes and 17th century France and have just downloaded a couple more titles onto Kindle ~ I am not very good at selecting the next one to read ~ I get there but it is a bit of a challenge.

Richard flies back to Barcelona today but now the ice is broken I do hope he will come to Whitby again, and before long ~ messages from Mary and Helen both so happy that we have met up at last.  With Georgie's Charlie back  in touch, and now Richard, what more could I ask ~ All well that ends well, as somebody said.   I am so blind and slow now that it has taken me for ever to choose birthday cartds for Mary and for Johnny, and even once I'd decided on them, it seemed a major challenge, writing them !  So bloody pathetic !   Diana came for a reading yesterday with a bunch of red roses ~ so kind, so beautiful ~ let me go and take a photo of them  . . . 

My dear John would have been 91 today ~ I miss him.   Off to Bridlington again to Eye Clinic but I need not go again for three months, and from now on they will see me in Scarborough which is half the distance away and the same team of Opticians ~ a lovely ride both ways the countryside was gorgeously green Mark picked me up around 9.30 and Jogn (a retired teacher) dropped me back here just before 3pm ~ a long day for a ten minute examination.   I did not need treatment so that was a blessing, but I do feel floppy tonight ~ it's hot and muggy ~ I had a bath the minute I got back.   Now that Bev has gone to her Agricultural Labourer's stone built cottage high up above Glaisdale, we are the only yard residents : Mary and Tom in the white house and me ~ there have always been others in the yard apart from holiday makers ~ Crystal, Mary & Terry, Cheryl & Dez ~ so this feels odd but I expect we'll soon get used to it.

Terrible fire in high rise block of flats in London ~ 12 known to have died but that figure is expected to rise ~ dozens injured ~ probably 500 in the flats when it started at 1.30am ~ desparate mother threw her baby from high window and several people jumped to their deaths ~ horrifying !

No more tonight ~ Diana comes in the morning and Richard said he'd be in during the week ~ the garden is suddenly running away with summer growth ~ now I must see whether my eyes have recovered sufficiently from the 3 different lot of drops I had at Brid to be able to settle down and read. 

Simon's sweet williams (aren't they ?) now that they have burst forth # gorgeous !