Richard's plants waiting to re-pot tubs

New glasses

the Barbara picked up my new glasses from Vision Express ~ because of my age and the fact that I'm on benefits I don't have to pay.   Bev moved out on Tuesday and no sign of either the new owners of number 5 or their tenants ~ a real shame that Beverley has gone ~ she was a very good neighbour ~ I hope she'll be happy in the cottage in Glaisdale ~ without a property of your own you are at the mercy of landlords ~ this is her third move in two years so let's hope she can settle down now ~ the owner of the cottage came back from Australia to vet her ~ she might pop in later today ~ John said she was coming back to make sure all was lefclean and in good order next door.   Richard is here with trays of plants for the big tubs ~ Simon was in for a chat earlier, and then Barbara.

Later : have achieved very little today apart from reading this rather  penny dreadful novel that pop ped up on Kindle ~ good chat with Charlie (Gray) who sent me a photo of her brother's baby son Louie ~ Richard left all these plants but has not appeared again, well not yet, to re-poy yubs ~ I've just watered them as ut is very warm ~ that's why I feel so lethargic I guess ~ must pull myself together after supper and do something useful . . . 

Sunday 9pm and still boiling hot even with windows open all round the house and the front door ~ enervating this heat ~ having watched my Sunday night fill of telly ~ hymns, News, Country File and the Antiques ~ I'm not up to doing anything more but must switch off, go down and read ~ poor buggers who have to work in this heat ~ more forecast too !

Monday morning 19th : 10 o'clock and already hot ~ must try and catch up here before it becomes unbearable ~ windows open all round the house, curtains closed and the door open ~apart from bra and bloomers I'm only wearing t-shirt and cotton trousers ~ green gingham which I bought from the Orvis cataligue twenty years ago and still going strong after countless washes # wonderful !

Picture of my bath liftaalong with control which has to be charged up after every use otherwise I could find myself stuck and unable to raise it up to enable me to climb out ~ I reckon always to plog it in to recharge it in ~ without recharging I could be stuck in the bath ~ terrifying thought !

Another solar light has come, this one a floating ball which sounds gorgeous though not sure whar bowl I can put it in ~ for now, it is out there in one of those useful bird seed containers charging up on the bench.   I've just finished the Eva Ibotson one which is possibly aimed at teenagers but not to worry ~ a good yarn and not too demanding in this frightful heat ~ on the local news LOOK NORTH it said that Yorkshire today was hotter than Barcelona !  Sent R an email !   Here I am at 11.57 but it is difficult to get to sleep when it's like this even when I've thrown off all bed clothes.

the control for my bath lift

bath lift control ~