and here it is changing colour and glowing in the dark

The solar ball soaking up the sunlight ~ I'll take another one later when it's dark

Cooler ~ thank God !

Washing drying by the door ~ if only I was capable of hanging it out for a blow ~ ah me !!

Much cooler and there's a nice fresh breeze ~ yesterday was so hot and so busy ~ Diana was cleaning number 5 for Bev who has moved out to the cottage at Glaisdale ~ she worked solidly for four hours ~ in this heat !  When she'd finished she popped up for a word and a cold drink ~ as I was coming to from my flop, Mary and Terry turned up so caught up with their news ~ after supper Eileen came in for the key to no. 5 ~ her final inspection before the sale goes through ~ she bought the cottage shortly after I moved here and lived in it herself for several years before renting it out on long lets ~ over the years there have been so many people in there I can't remember them all but Bev has been best of the lot ~ a good neoghbour and a good friend ~ I'm missing her already ~ the new owners have  almost certainly bought it as a holiday cottage with weekly tenants ~ such a shame as this means only two houses in the yard will be lived in ~ mine and Tom and Mary's ~ the white house' Keynsham' Keynsham is where Mary came from, Keynsham on the main road between Bristol and Bath ~ we used to cycle that way in our youth ~ Rachel and Rita and I ~ via Whitchurch, Queen's Charlton, down to the Bath Road and so back to Brislington Vicarage (Rachel's father was vicar) for a good fry-up in our den ~ everything was still rationed of course but we somehow managed to wangle a couple of eggs, half a loaf, a tin of beans or whatever from our mothers and  produce a feast.  Oh lord ~ it is not sixty but SEVENTY years ago ~ in spite of the Proctor houseful of younger children, I suddenly realise that I was allowed a wonderful amount of freedom ~ telling my own kids about this recently ~ our innocent and healthy fun  ~ they could not believe that we were still into this stuff not at 10 or 11 but  well into our teens ~ 13, 14 and 15 yeas of age ~ and that's without mentioning the buttons we were playing happy families with on  the floor of Rita's front room ~ there was no quiet spot in our busy house.  Oh blast ~ there's a bee trapped inside the window ~ why can't it find its way out the way it came in ~ I'll open the window even wider and hope it's gone before I come back after my flop.

Later ~ a programme about hedgehogs tonight, I see ~ email from Bev who sounds as if she's settling in out there at Glaisdale ~ later on I'll see uf I can hitch a lift with someone ~ I do hope she will be happy ~ strange without her next door.  Had a serious KINDLE session earlier ~ I'm still not too sure how to download another book ~ it's a matter of hiss and mit ~ might have to ask Mary to give me a lesson.  Sure enough, by the time I came up here again the bee had gone ~ that's a relief ~ I'm not much good at dealing with trapped beasties, not even with the odd butterfly.   This lovely FLOATING solar light arrived yesterday ~ I've got it out on the bench in the biggest washing-up bowl ~ it did come to life last night but had not had long enough time in the sun ~ it was so hot last night I actually went downstairs TWICe first at around 1.30am and still unable to sleep as dawn was breaking around 4.30 ~and that was lying on top of the duvet naked and the window wide open ~ it's definitely cooler today ~ I've even got a jersey on asI type.  Lesley and John are next door, their second visit this year ~ she brought me a gooey cake but yesterday it was too hot to eat anything so I've got that for later  when I'm watching the hedgehogs !

Wednesday afternoon : overcast all day and very much cooler ~ Barbara came round for a chat ~ One o'clock news mostly about the Queen's Speech with more thinly veiled criticism of Theresa May who seems determined to hang on to power in spite of murmurs of discontent among the Tories ~ once in power, people seem to find it difficult to renounce it, never mind what !   She is talking blithely about seeing out the full term !   You'd think she'd have more pride than to hang on willy-nilly !

Didn't watch hedgehogs as stumbled on Jane Austen program ~ it is the 200th anniversary of her death ~ there was an item about her on Women's Hour this morningas well ~ I will download Pride and Prejudice onto the Kindle ~ at school ~ Merrywood Grammar, an all-girls school on the notorious Knowle West housing estate in Bristol ~ we produced it as a play in which I was Mr Bennett ~ MISTER BENNETT ~ with a bald wig and a pillow shoved up my jacket to give me a paunch ~ these days I wouldn't need padding ~ I 've belonged to vatious Dramatic Societies over the years  ~ in Buxton I was the CAT in the Cinderella pantomime ~ and in another Townswomen'sGuild  production I was the dim-witted and abused maid ~ I can't remember the name of the play but I've got the script somewhere ~ later in Winchester I joined the Chesil Theatre which operated in that old church at the bottom of Chesil Street, and again much as I lomged to shine, I always found myself in similar roles ~ or else prompting ~ obviously I was never STAR material !   It was at the Chesil that I fell into Fred's clutches as I've already told you and life was never the same again !

The all-girl caste of Pride & Prejudice ~in which your blogger was Mr Bennett with bald wig and paunch !

and in Cinderella, the pantomime cat !