My picture gallery ~ I must get round to editing it !

an embarrassment of bananas !!

back in to fleece trews

these funny little 'doughnut' peaches

Quite warm to start with though overcast again ~ frequent heavy showers and now 3.30 and I've put jersey on and fleece trousers.  I'd forgotten that  Joan had booked Tarot reading for 10.30 but whizzed round and was ready in time ~ S's delivery came half way through ~ not very good planning ~ dealt with it afterwards and nice fresh cheese for lunch and very ripe fig.   Long hold on phone to change next EYE appointment from Bridlington to Scarborough ~ now Monday September 11th at 2.15 ~ a much easier trip than going all the way to Brid and the same team dealing with us there.   email with photos from RTW some of their recent visit to Cuba ~ so gooto be in touch like this ~ what a high-powered life he seems to lead.

Georgie and Bill are coming over tomorrow ~ he drives these days but I hope she doesn't find it too much for her now that the Parkinson's has got a hold, poor darling.  I intended to order two bananas but they have sent two bunches ~ maybe I can off load a few on to Georgie.

 Later : 8.15pm ~ Georgie brought a beaurifl bunch of peonies ~ quite gorgeous ~ palest pink ~   I'll take a photo later ~ for some reason I was dreadfully tired and realising this she scarcely stayed two hours which made me feel rather mean but she assures me she was feeling the same ~ it could have been the awful humidity ~ as well as the flowers, she brought me one of Elizabeth Botham's famour lemon buns which  I've saved for later when I make a pot of tea ~ she filled me in with some of Richard's story ~ it seems that as a Chartered Accountant he has had a very successful career ~ in Zurichd and Barcelona, and now though partly retired flies out to one of the islands in the Med each week and back to Barcelona at weekends ~ among other things he still has shares in the West Country Steam Line ~ that's not the right name ~ I'll look it up later.  Is it "The Dart Valley Line ?   Those first shares my mother gave him for his 16th birthday and he spent the whole of August down there working on the engines ~ when he came home he was absolutely filthy ~ all his clothes had to be burned ~ he'd worn them solidly  and they were  covered in oil right down to his under wear ~ and he was so happy !   He's probably increased his holding over the years but Mother would be pleased to know he still has them ~ his introduction to the world of finance.

A good salad for supper and then a quick flop watching Ch/4 News ~ after a dull morning, it is a bright sunny evening ~ I think I may give in and simply read on the sofa ~ nothing more strenuous tonight.

one solitary fox glove ~ 6' tall