I do love these cottage tea cosies

Don't you just love Maple Syrup !!

They are quite hard to find

4pm Tuesday and it's been raining all day ~I've just sent order to S's for delivery in the morning ~ £43 ~ a bit sooner than usual but discovered I am out of eggs ~ Mary brought me a lovely piece of smoked fish as thank you for Rose's tarot reading ~ there was no need but very kind nonetheless ~ so a good supper tonight and enough for two meals ~ would have made kedgeree but must wait for eggs.   Photos from Richard ~  Imma and his pet rabbit among them but I can't seem to detatch them from their emails ~ Barbara came and tried but she couldn't either ~ his PET RABBIT !   Maybe as a child he longed for a rabbit  ~ we had Bruno and Cilla and Cilla's puppies and Kate's mice and I seem to remember a tortoise ~ there might have been a rabbut too which kept escaping from its pen ~ one of them will remember.   Among Cilla's unplanned puppoes was a suprising black and white labrador ~ in a frenzy of desire our neighbours' dog must have escaped from his garden and got to Cilla while we were all at school or at work ~ I thought the dog's owners would be pleased to see this handsom 'grand son' but they were furious ~ something about poluting the purity of his genes !   Almost July and it's so cold today I am back in fleecy trousers and jersey .

The terrible tower block fire in London the other day has led to fire inspection of hundreds of tower blocks round the country not one of which has passed safety requirements ~ it is generally the poorest council tenants who live in these places which is causing outrage and anger on all sides ~ we have not been told how many died in that fire other then the 78 recogniable bodies but there is growing pressure for the Government to come clean and give us at least an estimate of how many perished ~ there are something like 120 flats devoured by fire ~ it was the middle of the night when the fire started so most of the occupants would be asleep in their beds ~ on Ch/4 News last night an MP was challenging the Authorities to publish the true figue whisch is almost certainly in the hundreds ~ terrifying ~ there is now frantic efforts throughout the land to ensure that all these high rise blocks are made safe ~ it turns out it is not only the outside cladding but other problems inside ~ nearly all cost-cutting measures !!

No sign of life yet in number 5 ~ at present apart from me, Tom & Mary are the only other residents in the yard ~ sad really, all these quaint old cottages should be lived in ~ never mind Holiday Cottages.  When I make a pot of proper coffe instead of sugar I sweeten it with a slurp of maple syrup which is absolutely delicious ~ try it !   I love these wacky cottage tea cosies which I have come across over the years . . . Later ~ I've actually got the central heating on ~ at this time of year !

Wednesday afternoon : it has been raining steadily again today ~ depressing ~Richard Eshelby looked in earlier but far too wet for him to do any gardening ~ PMQs went on for 50 minutes with endless racket ~ shouts and jeers ~ people are right who say they behave like kids ~ except that such behaviour would not be tolerated, not even in the roughest schools ~ I have to admit that in my teaching career (short-lived and disastrous) this kind of behaviour was normal in my classes ~ kids swinging from light fittings, dangling their mates out of windows ~ total chaos ~ no matter what interesting lesson I might have prepared ~ Shakespeare, Wordsworth, the War Poets or whatever ~ it wasn't that I could not KEEP THEM QUIET ~ I very rarely GOT THEM QUIET in the first place ~ the one successful lesson I can remember was in RE ~ the building of the Egyptian pyramids by the Hebrew slaves ~ for once they sat spellbound as I told them how for insubordination or careless work or slacking, the Egyptian overseer would decapitate the offending slave and his head would be built into the fabric of the pyramid ~ all complete fabrication, of course, but at least I did experience that one time a class spell bound by my lesson, never mind that it was LIES ~ there must be a corner of rural Warwickshire still where my version of this story is passed down from father to son.   I was not cut out for teaching. 

I'm not doing very well with the photos Richard sent me ~ I can't seem to disentangle them from their emails ~ tomorrow Chris Gill is coming to sort me out ~ I must have done this operation dozens of times ~ why am I suddenly so stupid ?  Dementia ?  Do hope not.

8pm ~ cold wet and miserable ~ I'm afraid I've put the heating on again ~ email from Bev who seems to be settling into her cottage in Glaisdale

this one covers the iron