Georgie's peonies which have faded to white with age _ counted the petals of the biggest one and gave up when I reached 220 !

Friday morning

Raining again ~ depressing ~ Chris came and showed me how to move a photo from an email into folder but when I tried to do it later found I couldn't ~ sent him an email  and he sent procedure back (I had paid him for his visit earlier) ~ "Open email in queastion ~ hold the left button down on photo ~ keep left button down while you drag the photo to the selected destination  and only then let go of the left hand button" ~ had a go later and sure enough it works ~ thank you Chris ~ he'd brought Evan with him, 18 months old now and taking tentative steps, he sat here good as gold while Chris dealt with my problem ~ Barbara had been to the bank for me and as usual brought £200  cash to keep me going for a couple of weeks and she came up here to sort out another computer problem ~ Barbara is wonderfully capable on all fronts and a really good friend.

These days by the time I've done regular chores I'm about ready to flop on the sofa, but mostly I manage to keep going till lunch time, after which I fill hot water bottle and with it on my tum,  almost instantly fall asleep though only for half an hour or so after which I can get going again ~ old age, I guess.

Later ~ 4pm ~ amazingly rain has stopped ~ in spite of there being no sun for several days all solar lights come on as it gets dark ~ no problem ~ maybe they can store up a certain amount of solar energy or maybethat never mind sun light,  DAY LIGHT is all that's required ~ glorious Haydn disk playing at the moment @ various concertos : trumpet, horn, harpsuchord.  Ellen came in earlier with two sad tales to tell me ~ she is usually so cheerful.   They are still telling us that around eighty perished in that London tower block ~ but how can that be ~ 125 flats and the fire starting in the dead of night when most residents would have been asleepin their beds and the building gutted ~ someone on Any Questions mentioned the problem of working out how many died from an odd tooth or bone among the deep ash, all that remains in most of the flats ~ and last night Kensington & Chelsea Council tried to ban the press and public from their Cabinet Meeting, but when that ruse failed the meeting was abandoned ~ the general suspicion is that it was cost-cutting measures in the refurbishment of the building that led to the tragedy, enabling the fire to spread so quickly inside and on the outside ~ like a torch !

At lunch time I was starving and had the Cornish Pasty which had come with S's order ~ Ginsters genuine Cornish ~ with watercress and some of the beetroot relish that Barbara recommended ~ I think I'll only need a boiled egg later.   Having got in touch as soon as she was eighteen,    Georgie's baby, Charlotte then disappeared for twenty-odd years but now she is back in the fold ~ she was not sure how to tell us she is gay ~ she and her long-time partner Mandy are about to get married  ~ a strange old world ~ these days I can't see why anyone should bother with marriage ~ Kate and Alan for instance have not tied the knot but they have been together since college ~ Dan is 21 and Doug coming up to 18 ~ maybe it is easier to make a go of it without all that 'till death us do part' stuff ~ it is a BIG THING commiting for life, especially in your early twenties before you've really got a grip on life.   So just as others are choosing NOT to mary, so many Gays are going the other way ~ even in our immediate family, we have two very successful Gay Marriages ~ among them, one couple has produced adorable twins !   Interesting times we are living in !   Of my lot, only Will and Agi are married though without a ring or a white dress or a family get-together the others are all in stable long standing relationships : Georgie and Bill, for more than twenty years, Kate and Alan the same, and Richard and Imma over thirteen years ~ it may be that Will and Agi had to mary for her to live in the UK though they have always seemed blissfully happy and well suited.   I only married Howard because "we had done it" while at college and in my ignorance/innocence I thought that was it : you rolled about on Ilkley Moor together and that was it ~ Reader,you married him, end of story !

One or two of you are complaining that you have to scan through 200+ pages to reach latest blog ~ right now from number 326 to 573 ~ no joke ~ I reported this to simplesite but so far no response ~ surely they could change it so that the latest entry comes at the TOP of the list instead of at the end ~ sorry if this is a bore / a chore and thank you one and all for staying with me in spite of it.