Richard with his Spanish family

Alan rang ~


Alan rang from Keighley ~ he and Jean will be in Whitby from Monday next week and will be popping in tyo see me ~ I have only got to know her in recent years but he has been a friend for years ~ couple next door who only arrived on Thursday are having  to dash back home as her  mother (aged 91) has been rushed into hospital~ that's a shame with the weather brightening up at last.   Swept the steps and the yard and spnged down bench which was splattered with seagull shit ~ made a pot of proper coffee and as before sweeten it not with brown sugar but with maple syrup which is really awfully good.

Sunday pm ~ a power cut in the night from 7.30pm till 5am or thereabouts ~ luckily I had a powerful torch in the kitchen and another up here ~ Barbara tells me there was an underground gas explosion down by the bridge ~ in the total blackness of the yard all my solar lights were glowing gloriously ~ late going to bed and woke at 4.0am and electricty was still not back but at 6.30 my radio alarm came on as normal (radio3) ~ I had expected to have to re-set it ~ down to check lights and telly had not come on ~ mug of tea and back to bed and slept till 9.30 !   A lovely sunny day with welcome breeze ~ rather floppy all morning ~ Barbara came in to tell me the cause of the power cut ~ no other yards had been effected, only ours and the houses over the wall and the council flats at the bottom.   We were lucky that it was only electricity that was off, B said, as the explosion was in the GAS main ~ amazingly nobody was hurt and no damage to properties.

The Kindle titles that I have tried to read recently have been pretty rubishy ~ both simply popped up on screen highly recommended by other readers ~ a waste of time, both so gave up and down loaded Pride & Prejudice instead ~ a very satisfying read and funnily enough though I have not read it since my O level days ~ all of 67 years ago ~ the dialogue is instantly familiar but as I mentioned I was in the school production ~ in the starring role of Mr Bennet ~ and that's right MISTER bennett ~ Merrywood was a single sex school.   [see 570 : June 20th]

Tuesday morning : Will's birthday : I wonder how old he is ~ 54 ?  Surely not !   Steve the Post posted his birthday card yesterday ~ so helpful ~ I was not sure that we were allowed to ask him ~ I've just sent him a special Jacquie Lawson July 4th e-card ~ some people hate them but they are rather fun with moving pictures and background music.   Barbara just looked in on her way back from dentist ~ the poor soul is having a lot of toothache ~ I took her advice as far as pain killers go and now take twparacetamol around 9pm and two more when I wake in the night and it certainly is helping ~ I've been rather nervous about becoming reliant on them, but that was silly of me ~ I can always stop.

Last night discovered the electric blanket was not working though I haven't had it that long ~ I've become so nesh that I really can't do without it so have ordered a replacement from Aazon which should be here tomorrow ~ meanwhile U will see whether I can claim on the other one and have one put by in case ~ pathetic needing a warmed bed at this time of year ~ as usual I put it down to Old Age ~ whoever had electric blankets in years gone by ~ a hot water bottle was enough even though it soon cooled down.

After the power cut on Saturday night (7.30-5.0am) I checked out my torches, replacing batteries where necessary ~ among them, this very posh one which had died on me the other night ~ but I could not fathom out how to  recharge it and neither could Mary or Tom so chucked it out.     With Richard coming back into the fold, odd memories keep popping up ~ when he was in the Fifth Forn at Peter Symond's and still expected to turn up for registration that he was not getting out of bed before the rest of us were  up and away ~ the others to school and me to my job at the Castle (HCC) ~ it was only when Howard bumped into the head of the Grammar School that we discovered what was going on ~ "So sorry to hear of your wife's illness . . ."     it turned out Richard was explaing that his mother was seriously / desparately ill and he, Richard, was responsible for seeing evertone else off in the morning . . .

It was about this time when Georgie went into the tayloring business ~ I guess she was 14-going-on-15 when she made herself a very smart white linen blazer ~ we had a sewing machine, my mother's old Singer ~ I believe she made it without a pattern, but I might be wrong about that ~ whatever, she was soon doing a roaring trade in linen blazers for all her friends ~ dead smart they were and beautifully made ~ her own was eventually passed down to Kate ~ perhaps she should have gone into the Rag Trade, bless her.


Richard and his Dad together with an odd little soul who pushed in between them !

Georgie with her Dad