Will's birthday

I haven't spoken to him today ~ by the time I rang they had probably gone out for a meal ~ I left him a message and had sent him a card ~ Georgie thinks he is 55 today ~ incredible how Life slips by.   It's been pouring all day ~ Barbara came in this morning and Annabel later as I was coming to from my flop ~ Richard is in Winchester today, he tells me ~ Winchester and Salisbury ~ John Hodges is the only person I am still in touch with down there ~ very cleverly he got himself into St Cross Hospital way back in his sixties and it sounds as if he loves the life which is almost monastic ~ we still write at Xmas and birthdays ~ he had been a good friend for years before I left Winchester, a friend to both of us while we were still married.   I think John must be coming up to 90.   Such lovely photos from Helen's girl, Charlie Thomas ~ Charlie and Lu and their adorable twins on holiday in Italy by the look of it, and Helen (proud grandmother) with them.   Alan and Jean are in Whitby for a few days and I'm expecting them to pop in tomorrow ~ I wonder what they did today in the wet ~ possibly had a trip up Esk valley on the steam train to Pickering ~ if you order in advance you can get a meal on board I believe.    A good chat with Georgie ~ the doctor has given her two more months on sick, after which she will be on half pay but still with a mortgage round her neck, poor girl.   The awful thing is that much as we want to help ~ Howard and I and her siblings ~ there is nothing anyone can do ~ her colleagues send flowers and good wishes now and again, and one of them has been to discuss early retirement and the lump sum she will get in addition to her NHCC pension ~ I do hope she will be able to cope financially.  Bloody Parkinson's !

Really cold again tonight and no electric blanket ~ the replacement should be here in the morning ~ I'm so used to the luxury of a warm bed.

Wednesday ~ in fact discovered the blanket is still working ~ the controls had confused me :

0-1-2-3-0 ~ I must have clicked on to the second zero thinking it was number 3 ~ too late to cancel the other now but no harm in having it by me in case ~ either for my bed or the one in the attic.

My eye sight is terrible today ~ hope I am not going to go blind ~ was intending to type out list of family addresses etc for the lawyer who is coming in the morning to amend my will, but it is beyond me ~ I'll try again later ~ very depressing.   Had a happy morning with Alan and Jean ~ she has taken up knitting in a big way ~ they have a wonderful wool shop in Skipton (purl&jane) and brought it up on the screen ~ Jean was Head Mistress of a girls' grammar school but is none the worse for that ~ I warm to her more each time they come to Whitby.   Purl & Jane Knitting Emporium, Skipton ~ look it up ~ it is quite inspiring.   I was a knitter in my day ~ as I've already reminded you, when one of the children needed a jumper Mother set to and knitted it ~ it was only when they reached eleven and moved up to the big schools that they had M&S ones.   Rose brought me down a bag of healthy tasty nibbles from her shop ~ such kindness !

Now here's an interesting correspondence that turned up in my email this morning :

Please this urgent can i ask you to do me a favour??
Thanks and regards
Good to hear back from you, I'm sorry for reaching you rather too late due to the situation of things right now..I'm stranded in Manila, Philippine and had my bag stolen from me with my passport, mobile phone and personal effects therein. It was a terrible experience for me thank God the embassy has just issued me a temporary passport but I have to pay for a ticket and settle my hotel bills with the Manager before leaving. 
Already I have made contact with my bank but it would take me 3-5 working days to access funds in my account, the bad news is my flight will be leaving very soon and but i am having problems settling the hotel bills. Please let me know if i can count on you i promise to refund the money back as soon as i get back home.
I was taken in but only for a minute ~ my sister Nancy would never write in this way : kind regards etc and a lower case letter I ~ it sounds to me like a semi literate foreigner, presumably in Manila ~ Nancy and Reg are safe at home in Somerset.   Talk about a SCAM !   The first time something like this happened, the name they were using was Lloyd Caddick who just happened to be in Whitby with his wife Gillian for a few days and was actually standing beside me at the computer as we read "his" plea for help ~ I can't remember where he was supposed to be stuck, robbed and penniless ~ that time we did ring the computer fraud people but of course we heard nothing further ~ the joke is that anyone who knows me knows I'm the very last person to be able to help in this sort of situation ~ I simply don't have any money !!
We've had a violent thunder storm and an absolute downpour but it has calmed down now ~ I didn't dare put the News on or the radio and switched the computer off at the wall but all well now.
I'm getting complaints about the way simplesite organises my entries ~ to reach today's entry you will have had to scroll down a couple of hundred headings : from 326-575 ~ which is pretty infuriating and quite honestly it's a wonder anybody bothers ~ you'd think they could do it the other way round so that the latest  appears at the TOP rather than the END of the list !   I am thinking of starting another blog : www.joypeach3.com  or some such though it wont solve the problem.  That's enough for tonight ~ hope TV has come back to life so that I can watch Questuin Time.