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I do love mallow

Mary's boy Piers in his youth (can't make it bigger)

Where there's a Will

S's delivery~ fridge sponged out  and all put away ~ I've just increased the size of the print on this entry to 16 which certainly makes it much easier ~ there is an item from simplesite with questions to be answered but as yet I have not been able to  make sense of it ~ when Chris comes about the printer I'll ask him to have a look ~ or maybe Barbara ~ she is pretty smart with computer problems.   {in fact I forwarded it to her, she has read it and assures me that I need do nothing about it so that's good}   Having seen photo of my Richard, Mary was so struck by the similarity between him and her son Piers she sent a photo though I I think both of them take after their fathers and presumably share very few Proctor genes.   The mallow bush is covered with flowers ~ I cut a few for the kitchen table ~ so pretty !  eness with my Richard ~ I can't seem to enlarge this photo ~ I hope Chris will sort me out next week.

It's a really dull day but clammy ~ I think I must go and have a bath before I make supper ~ lovely fresh eggs Barbara brounot from ght me from the market yesterday with potato scones ~ and perhaps an ice cream from the freezer !    I'm thinking I might be descended not from a chimp but from the fruit bat ~ I eat so much fruit ~ today with the delivery I have tangerines (S's easy peelers) bananas, cherries, lemons and raspberries ~ in the past fruit was usually a bit of a luxury ~ I can remember in our Winchester days how I longed to get strawberries for the children's teas but it was either strawberries or bread ~ and nowadays I can have a whole punnet to myself ~ once someone drove me down to a local strawberry farm and that night we could gorge ourselves ~ I spent the whole Family Allowance on them ~ bliss !

I'm so pleased to have taken steps to amend my Will to include Richard in it now.  A lovely sunny day and Peter and Margaret have arrived next door with their grandchildren ~ I expect they will pop in to see me later  ~ such a lovely family.   With this week's S's order I got a pot of rollmops ~ I used to make my own of course, a dish of baked soused herring ~ I hope these come up to scratch ~ I seem to remember a spoonful of white sugar made a difference along with vinegar and spices ~ perhaps I'll have one for my supper.

The draft of my amended Will came this morning ~ golly,it was only Thursday that  Maureen Lewis came to discuss changes ~ I guess with someone of my age they dare not delay ~ I have not been through it yet but if it is OK I'll phone Thorpe & Co on Monday and authorise the fair copy.   Not that any of them will get much, but I'm glad Richard is now included in it.   I was rather disillusioned by a couple of modern novels that popped up on the Kindle and in each case gave up after a few chapters and turned to 'Pride & Prejudice' which in spite of quaint dialogue and familiarity with the plot is a wonderfully satisfying read ~ may be I'll get 'Jane Eyre' next.    it

I treated myself to a pack of icecream withthis week's delivery ~ 3 choc ices on sticks ~ I am a pig.   Very powerful serial story after Women's Hour about a pet pig and the writer's sorrow when it had to be butchered ~ 'Big Pig, Little Pig' ~ I must look up the author ~ at one time my friend Rachel down in Wells had a pet pig, at least her children did ~ they would take it for walks, I seem to remember, and sit and watch telly with them ~ but eventually he too had to be butchered ~ I know about this from her diaries which she kept from the age of twelve until ther death at 63 ~ I typed them all up for her husband John ~ I aimed to type one month per day ~ the job kept me going for two or three years ~ I would have done it for love but he insisted on paying me which was an absolute God-send as it got me through the bleak period when I had no income whatsoever.   They were both GPs and like me had four children ~ Rachel had been my special childhood friend ~ her father was Vicar of Brislington (Bristol) and as well as a huge garden and tennis court there was a stable block with attic where we made our den and sometimes were allowed tosleep there in summer in hammocks hung from the beams.      John has family in York and has come over to Whitby a few times since Rachel died but it is unlikely he will manage it again ~ he is even older than I am.   Oh yes ~ after she died in addition to typing up all her diaries, he wrote two or three books and got me to type them all for him ~ one about her, two others about his trips around the world studying Primary Care ~ through the worst times, John kept me afloat.

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