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Speedy results


Well ~ amazingly the draft of my revised Will arrived this morning from Maureen Lewis, Chartered Legal Execurive at Thorpe & Co ~ I hope Barbara will come and check that I'm doing all that is required ~ my eye sight gets worse by the day ~ with any luck at this rate the new Will will be signed and sealed in the next few days ~ I'm so glad I set things in motion over this and that things are moving so swiftly ~ I guess with people in their eighties it's best to get on with it ~ it will cost £150 + VAT which seems pretty fair especially as now that I am housebound Maureen came to me.

Did not open the rollmops tonight but had one of the lovely large farm eggs that  Barbara brought me from the Thursday market.   It's been glorious again ~ Peter and Margaret are here with their grandchildren : Ella, Joe and William (twins) and Olivia ~ I expect they'll pop in to have a chat tomorrow.   I've been feeling frail and tired all day and apart from the ironing and basic chores have sat around reading (Pride & Prejudice) with much enjoyment.   Now I'll get a couple of photos and then leave it for tonight.

Sunday afternoon : Barbara came round earlier to help me with documents regarding my Will and she will take them into Thorpe & Co in the morning ~ Ellen looked in the way to her garden and later Peter and Margaret and the children ~ Hymns at 5.10 and then the usual Sunday night programmes ~ News, Country File and instead of Antiques Road Show the summer alternative 'Fake or Fortune' which is always interesting tracking rhe authenticity or otherwise of an object or picture.  Funny that we've seen no sign of life yet from new owners of number 5 ~ soon the yard will fill up with holiday makers but for now it is very quiet ~ Yes, a rollmop for supper as long as I can open the jolly pot !   Later : NO I couldn't open it but Mary did it for me, bless her ~ there were three in it and I had one tonight and very good it was too ~ with pickling spices and, yes, definitely some sugar ~ it's absolutely years since I had one ~ no longer made them when John came into the picture ~ he could not cope with vinegar.   So pleased to have found them at S's ~ and delicious !

Richard has sent me his address so that it can go in with my Revised Will when Maureen Lewis comes in the morning to witness with Barbara my sihnature ~ then I can rest easy ~ Thorpe & Co are carrying on as my executors.

what luscious cherries ~ really sweet and really juicy !