The School and School House at Eccles, Norfolk

Safely signed and sealed

That's my Will sorted ~ Barbara came to witness my signature and Maureen Lewis, the lawyer was the other one ~ Thorpe & Co will keep it safe till the time comes . . .   Funny weather for July ~ pouring most of the day again ~ more photos from Richard who had been to Winchester ~ our family house in Quarry Road, the Cathedral etc ~ makes me quite nostalgiic .

Thursday evening : must send order to Sainsbury's for delivery tomorrow so no more tonight.

Friday morning : delivery came and all put away ~ I always think surely this lot will keep me going for a month but of course by the end of a week I'm running out of milk and bread and cheese and fruit ~ the delivery man was heavily tatooed but not with flowers and naked girls but with complicated patterns which he told me he had had done while out in New Zealand in his youth ~ traditional Maori designs ~ he assured me he was covered in tatooes butI'm glad to say it was only his arms that were visible !   Ordering last night I had suddenly felt the need for something a bit more substantial and included a small chicken which went into the oven straight away to have cold with salad ~ the poor thing could scarcely have emerged from its egg before it way to York for birthday weekend with Tina ~ I really don't know what I would do without Barbara she is such a good friend.   Being Thursday, Diana was here whizzing round with the hoover ~ she has had a tough life and brought her boys up on her own ~ both of them went to Uni and got a First !    It's another of these dull days with no sign of the sun.   I'm quite gob-smacked at the age and beauty of Richard's old house ~ I was proud of THIS old house but his is twice as old at least ~ 500 years at least !   I must try again to lift his photos off his email ~ Chris did a) show me how, and then when I was dtill having a problem b) sent instructions in email but somehow I still can't do it : With finger on photo hold the left button down while dragging the photo to where you want it . . .  sounds so simple but fear it is me that is simple ~  only once have I managed to do it !

Later and warm and sunny at last : "Grow old along o' me,"  somebody said, "the best is yet to be . . . "    Rubbish !   Sans eyes, sans ears, sans just about every bloody thing ~ I've only been down the yard once in months and can't even walk as far as the dustbin without my stick ~ my nose runs more than it used to and I am always farting ~ my arms are all scaley and my hands puffy and ugly ~ I used to have nice hands ~ one or two of my lovers commented on them but just look at them now !!   But I have to admit that in some ways life is good, better than it has ever been mainly because with all the allowances I get from the government for the first time ever I am not in a constant tizzy about money and of course this blessing colours every facet of life ~ and after so many homes ~ the Buxton flat, Eccles School House, and in Winchester Quarry Road and North View ~ all of them rather special ~ to end up here is just heaven !   I am very lucky, and now that Richard has come back, truly blessed.  Oh dear ~ my eyes are so bad today that I cannot download THIS house to complete the list ~ I'll try again after supper.

Saturday morning : In the night realised I was sounding sorry for myself ~ QUITE THE OPPOSITE ~ now that my First Born is back in the fold I have nothing  NOTHING   to complain of !  The only sorrow is my poor Georgie's fucking Parkinson's ~ I can't help wondering whether there is a link between that and the epilepsy drug she has been taking for years ~ I mean, both are brain conditions.

North View, Winchester

Here we are ~ at last ~ 6 Clarks Yard, Whitby