Poor little chicken ~ don't know whether I can bring myself to eat it !


The new hoover for the stairs ~ when I can open it !

I'm feeling rather ashamed of myself ~ I've been rather catty about something without any justification ~ I can't say more without making the situation worse but fortunately the people concerned are unaware of my criticisms ~ it is so easy to cast aspersions (whatever they may be).

I've reached the last chapter of Pride & Prejudice ~ pure delight ~ I decided to read it without realising that it is the 200th anniversaty of Jane Austen's death ~ she died in Winchester and is buried in the Cathedral under the floor of the north nave, if I remember right ~ and her last years were spent in College Street.   How wonderful to leave the world such treasures !   I've been feeling rather sad all day though I can't think why ~ with RTW back among us, my life is good ~ it may be this dull weather ~ no sun, the odd shower and heavy grey sky.   Or maybe I'm hungry !   Another helping of cold chicken for supper and tonight I think a few oven chips plus more of this crisp iceberg lettuce ~ yes ~ I'll switch off and go down and get organised now ~ RIGHT NOW.

Sunday afternoon ~ I'm inclined to make out that Howard was unreasonable but suddenly remember a SHOE episode which makes me wonder how he put up with me !   Shoes have always been my bete noir ~ my poor mother once trailed me all over Bristol trying to persuade me to get a delicate pair of pumps to go with the elegant lilac coloured dress which had come from her rich relatives in San Francisco and just in time for the Sixth Form Christmas party ~ but I insisted on a pair of clod-hoppers ~ they lasted for years, for ever, and I was still slopping round in them in our Norfolk days !   Then for some reason I decided I was hard done by, that the Head Master's Wife should have some smart shoes ~ very reluctantly (money was always tight) he agreed I could have £5 (it is nearly 50 years ago I am talking about) and go in to Norwich where I found what I think were called court shoes with punch hole pattern on the toes ~ very smart ~ but of course they were not ME at all and in any case I was not going anywhere apart from pushing the pram down the road to the station and back  to give Will or Katie a little outing ~ with shame today I realise that in fact I never wore these expensive shoes ~ they probably ended up in a Winchester jumble sale.

Monday morning : Council men have been to take away the old hand-held cleaner (vital for the stairs) which after 20+ years had given up the ghost ~ meanwhile a replacement has arrived from Amazon~ how incredible it is that I can do this, simply order another one !   Richard rang (from Barcelona of course) to ask me to clear out some email to make room for more pictures he wants to send me ~ he tells me Imma is in Japan with her boy Miguel who is doing further study out there ~ he hopes to become a pilot.   In case you don't understand what daily chores means, after breakfast there is the washing up, tidying round the kitchen, sorting out laundry and if there is any doing the ironing, taking out the rubbish to the bin and the recycling to the blue sack,  dusting sitting room and pumping up cushions on the sofa, upstairs then to make the bed, check basin and loo, collect u any additional laundry, switching on the computer to quickly check email before (in this weather) taking a mug of coffee out to sit in the sun for a few minutes before getting going properly.

Later : I forgot to save a full paragraph before adding a picture ~ blast !  I've lost it.    Must keep my wits about me.   At last I feel it is safe to go into summer gear ~  today it is the lovely loose  gingham trousers which I must have had since our Winchester days and which remind me of a long wrap-round skirt I had of the same material and fool as I am with needle & thread I think I'd made it myself ~ it must have been the summer of '76 ~ so terribly hot, remember ~ I was working in the Catle at the time, as a humble clerk in the Education Department of the County Council ~ although I knew it was frowned on by the authority in the fearful heat I insisted onwe wearing it to work ~ this was my downfall ~ they took the first opportunity to fire me  ~ well there was anoyjer factor in it ~ the question of a blotter !!   Can you believe !  IPeople in my lowly position were only allowed small blotters, A4 size and fairly useless ~ so I bought myself a full sized one from WHS ~ I still have it today, here beside me in fact ~ a bit scruffy now but in constant use ~ I think this together with the long skirt were more than could be tolerated and next thing I was demoted to Supernumary and Tea Girl at which (no doubt as expected) I stormed out ~ I was not cut out for Local Goverment service   not with my big blotter and long skirt ~ maybe if I had been more ready tp toe the line I could have had a glowing career there !   Maybe ?   This poor little chicken could scarcely have hatched before it was butchered but in spite of that I am eating it and (shamelessly) enjoying it !   Funny how a hot bath cools you down !   You may not realise it but producing this blog is practically a miracle ~ my eyes ae so feeble I can scarcely see what I am doing ~ the cursor regularly disappears into the mist ~ having listed my physical problems recently, I am nevertheless ~ none of the Nasties that so often attack old people ~ no CANCER, no HEART troubles, no SRTHRITIS ~ and so far no signs of  !DEMENTIA

the blotter which caused my downfall but still in use today !