Mary's strawberry tart ~ yummy !


Mary's delicious cauliflower cheese

always I must find out what has happened to Annie ~ I'm afraid she has died ~ 96 and Whitby born and bred she was a character ~ we've been friends for years ~ I could see her pegging out washing on her back yard and then we took to visiting but no sign of life there for ages apart from a light in the kitchen around 7pm and her loo light which seems to be on all night ~ her daughters live one on either side of her and  I should ring Jean but there is a bit of a mystery there too ~ no lights on and no washing out on her line either though like me she seems a washing fanatic ~ maybe she has simply gone off on holiday but it is quite some time since there was any sign of life in either cottage.   Friendly word again with next door visitors ~ they are here for a fortnight and so far the weather has been brilliant.   Another good novel I found on Kindle ~ set in Cornwall and London ~ I'll get the title later.   Fresh supply of MSM powder came ~ it was John Chapman , a homeopathic and orthopedic practitioner in Winchester who recommendedthe MSM  powder to me 15 years ago or more when after doing all the tests the doctor told me I had fibromyalgia and would be on steroids for life ~ no  ~NO !   And I wrote to John down in Winchester who sent me a jar of this powder which stopped the pains within hours ~ a year or so ago when I had run out of MSM I thought it was so long since I'd had any trouble I probably did not need to take the stuff any longer ~ how wrong I was ~ within a couple of days the pain was back with a vengeance and it then took a month or so to get it back under control ~ MSM the miracle drug !   I see on the packet it is actually a perfectly natural substance ~ some kind of salt scraped from the ocean floor and recommended for so many different conditions ~ I must make jolly sure I do not run out again.

Later : Barbara came in to tell me about her birthday weekend with her family in York and the drama connected with falling debris in her yard.   Mary brought me one of Botham's delicious strawberry tarts which I'll save till I make a mug of tea after my bath ~ the other half of the avocado for supper and in this heat that was enough ~ wonderful picture of the Piece Hall, Halifax which re-opens on August 1st after restoration ~ one of Kate's projects ~ such an astonishing buildimg ~ take a look .The novel I am reading now is "Florence Grace" by Tracy Rees ~ an interesting story set in mid-1800s in Cornwall and London.      I had a bar of fruit and nut in the fridge and treated myself to a couple of squares after supper but then simply guzzled another great chunk ~ once I'd started I could not stop myself !

Wednesday pm : dull again and a bit depressing ~ I don't seem to have achieved much somehow ~ I've wasted time looking for the picture of THIS house to add to the others in previous blog ~ it is cerainly there but can't find it in Picture Album yet it was screen saver for a while ~ I could alwayd go and take another I suppose but the best one Dez took from the balcony of the flats ~ let me try again . . .

Thursday evening ~ Mary brought me down a dish of her excellent cauliflower cheese which I had at lunch time while it was bubbling hot and enough left for tomorrow ~ she had read my worry about Annie-over-the-Wall and Tom bless him popped over there to check ~ I was afraid to phone and find she had died ~ phoned her just now and at 96 she really is amazing ~ housebound like me but getting around the house with a walking frame ~ now we are back in touch I must make sure I keep it that way ~ we've been friends, good friends for over twenty years ~ with a daughter in adjoining cottages each side of her, Annie worries about me, on my own and my children scattered but if we all lived in a line like that we would probably be tearing each other's eyes out by now.   Dull all morning and by the time Diana left POURING she works so hard ~ this floor bedroom, bathroom, landing), stairs and kitchen and leaves it looking great ~ but now it is a bright sunny evening ~ hope Richard will find time to give me 3 or 4 hours in the garden ~everything is running wild ~ will get him to move staddle stone and its plinth to a more prominent position ~ it's currently lost in the undergrowth ~ I hope his Di will come over one of these days ~ the first time she came there was a drama with a butterfly and she left in a panic ~ funny to feel like that about such a harmless creature but it's how I feel about mice ~ do hope she will arrange something ~ I'd really like to get to kmow her.   Talking of butterflies, the yard is full of them right now ~ mostly cabbage whites but others too ~ I should count them for the national survey that is going on ~ we are supposed to sit out and count them for exactly 15 minutes from which they can estimate state of health of butterfly population ~ in fact there is a butterfly programme on BBC4 at 9 tonight which I must watch.   I seem to lurch around these days, grabbing furniture and doors ~ this morning I did not manage to save myself and now have very painful ribs on right side ~ must be more careful, EVEN more careful !

A fascinatingprogramme about butterflies with Marth Kearney whose one about bees was equally brilliant ~ she concentrated mainly on  the Painted Lady variety and the incredible journies it makes from North Africa through Europe to the UK among other cooler countries ~ and when I was out on the yard just now there was a painted lady fluttering on the window sill ~ so glad I now know its life story.   


Rainbow stairs with rope and railings installed after earlier photo ~ and as I get frailer I certainly am thankful for them.