Dan's graduation day at York ~ he got a 2/1 in Politics and Philosophy ~ well done, lad !

Dan at his birth ~ premature weighing scarcely 2lbs ~ would he manage to survive ?

Richard the Gardener

Georgie's treats ~ flowers, fruit and bun !

Phoned him last night as I really could do with two or three hours of his time ~ spoke with Di and I very much hope she will get over to see me sometime ~ she did come once while he was here but there was a drama with a butterfly and she fled ~ at the time I thought this was odd, very odd, but then, as I told her, I am just as silly about mice.   Managed all sorts of extras this morning and now must make out an order for Sainsbury's ~ such a blessing.   Having heard from Tom who had been round to see her, that all is well with Annie, I rang her last night and had a good chat ~ we are both deaf and she is getting confused ~ the reason I haven't rung all this while is that I feared she had died ~ for 96 she is pretty amazing ~ so glad to be back in touch ~ she always has stories of Whitby in the olden day and lists of quaint sayings in local dialect ~ I must look them out and share some of them here.   On BBC4 the butterfly programme went on incredibly for an hour and a half but gripping to the end.   Amazing how the scientists attach tiny radio transmitters to them and without hurting them or preventing them flying ~ should also have watched the Sweet Makers on BBC2 ~ Adrian is recommending it in email this morning ~ it's probably repeated sometme ~ must remember to look out for it.   The Kindle had almost run out of juice and is recharging as I type ~ it takes ages, 2 or 3 hours ~ maybe I should leave it charging overnight ~ an ad comes up every so often for speedier recharging ~ must look into it.

Chris coming shortly : 3 problems at the minute : the printer produces very small copies of everything, text and photos;  on the blog, entries are numbered in reverse with latest at bottom of long list ~ today's is number 581 which means scrolling down from 361 (the start of blog 2) which is a nuisance and is putting one or two people off, Ellen included; and thirdly, although he has told me twice and demonstrated as well, I still cannot fathom out how to move a photo from an email ~ right now there are several of Dan's graduation ceremony ~ York University has GREY gowns not black !

I have planned several changes I hope Richard will agree to make in the garden ~ at present the staddle stone is hidden in the undergrowth but should really be centre stage ~ hope he fits me in next week.  He is much in demand I know.   Oh ~ praise the Lord !   At last I have discovered which folder this picture of my house is in ~ it just shows I must tidy through all my 200+ photo files ~ several of them are not worth saving ~ plates of food or jugs of flowers for instancave.   Mozart playing this morning and here comes Elvira Madigan ~ must sit quietly and listen ~ heavenly music !   It brings the whole of that film back to mind with Elvira the tight rope dancer, dancing along her tight rope between birch trees in a Swedish forest ~ after I'd told John the story briefly because of its painful ending he refused to watch the film ~ silly man !   Phone call from Georgie and Bill is bringing her over tomorrow ~ lovely ~ I feel a bit guilty about him driving all this way but she tells me he gets something to eat, something to drink and is quite happy sitting in the car watching the world go by.

Saturday evening : had a happy visit from Georgie who brought me loads of flowers and a lemon bun from Botham's ~ I had it after supper watching Dad's Army.   She looked so pretty in a soft grey sweater with lace edgings ~ pale grey, almost silver.   She does understand, bless her that after an hour and a half / two hours I start to wilt and simply must flop on sofa otherwise I will pass out ~ maybe now she is not well herself she has had enough by then too ~ she wanted suggestions for reading and had me flummaxed ~ I'll send a couple of suggestions tomorrow ~ meanwhile I grabbed one Alexander McCall smith and "As I Walked out . . . "b Laurie Lee but neither of them quite right ~ and I've kept a record of all my reading for years ~ authors and titles only and stars for particularly good ones ~ now that I can only read on the Kindle I've rather given up on this but still ~ the house is busting with books ~ I should have been able to come up a few better suggestions ! 

Georgie in her pretty silvery top arranging the flowers she brought me !