Wow ! My new screen saver !

The freshly waxed and stained bedroom window

Still wet and miserbale

Monday morning and Sue came and changed my sheers ready for the laundry tomorrow ~ such a help ~ it used to take me all morning and quite limp.   Big drive on by top women in the BBC for equal pay ~ the discrepancy is enormous e.g £400, 000 v £2 million !   Was trying to scan a picture of Dan in the incubator and suddenly could not remember how to do it ~ got there eventually but quite scarey ~ is this the onset of dementia ?   I'm glad Richard is planning to bring Imma to Whitby as soon as September ~ you never know . . .

While I'm at it will also scan early picture of my garden by way of comparison ~ the small empty space is now a green glad though it could do with a fair bit of pruning when Richard Eshelby comes ~ the mallow is particularly glorious this year though he cut it right back to ground level last autumn ~ I keep cutting a few flowers for the kitchen table ~ I thought they were all white but one or two are pink ~ heavenly.

Later ~ just got a lazy supper going ~ oven chips, frozen peas and poached egg ~ when Tom came down with a proper butcher's pork pie for me ~ they are incredbly kind, both of them ~ it's safe in the fridge for tomorrow night ~ it's really so cold I put the heating on earlier ~ heating on today July 24th ~ and I'm back in winter clothes ~ fleece trousers and big jersey !   I'm having a TV night ~ I'll have a look at Princess Diana first and at 10 switch to BBC2 for another episode of this crazy "Normal in Norfolk" which I stumbled on to one night switching on News Night early ~ it really is funny which can't be said for many comedies !   Included 4 large peaches in S's order ~ 'ripe and ready' but rock hard ~ however I had one after supper and suddenly they are ripe and ready and oozing juice all over the table cloth ~ I just needed a little patience.   Switching off now to make a mug of tea before Diana ~ and so goodnight to one and all.  

Tuesday ~True to his word, John turned up and restored wood work on sitting room and bedroom window ~ both look splendid ~ he'll be back tomorrow to do kitchen window and this one, and if he has time I'll ask him to do the attic dormers on Thursday ~ it was Will pointed out to me how dry the old (original) glazing bars had become and in danger of cracking ~ John works so neatly on these fiddly delicate bars and leaves all clean and tidy when he's finished ~a good job done.   The nets all went into the wash and he says he'll hang them back for me in the morning ~ I don't think this has been done since the beginning ~ the outside YES ~ Mick & Dick did them but that must be a good many years ago too ~ to save me the expense they only used ladders, not scaffolding but I feared for their safety with ladders right up to the attic ~ the outside will probably need doing again before long though both Mick and Dick are long retired.

Wednesday and wet again ~ had mugs of tea before John got to work and he told me some pretty hair-raising stories about his grandfathers ~ chat with Georgie who has changed the time of day that she takes her new medication ~ around 3pm instead of early morning and this is helping with both pain and twitching so that she gets a better night's sleep so that's a blessing ~ Will and Agi off on holiday down in Devon ~ they do manage to go away regularly ~ how can they afford it ?   John put net curtains back for me, all freshly washed ~ I must make space up here now for him to get at this window ~ it involves stretching across the work top ~ even cleaning the windows is a challenge which is why I don't often bother.   Right ~ here is Richard for the garden but first we all had cups of tea and then they will get back to work ~ the kitchen window is looking good, the glazing bars and all the surround ~ wonderful ~ Mary just brought me an enormous piece of smoked haddock and wouild not let me pay her for it ~ kedgeree tonight !   

And the same in the sitting room ~ thank you John ~ tomorrow he will do the kitchen and my study and if he has time the dormers in the attic on Thursday ~ they needed doing ~ the wood was dry and in danger of cracking