nice clean sunflower curtain and sunflower screen

A few changes

My replica staddle stone ~ an original would cost hundreds ! I think this was £80-something ~ Parry it was who noticed it in farming magazine

There was not a great deal of room on this worktop for the computer so have brought the screen to the right and put the rainbow mat the other side, switching them over ~ this leaves the computer box exposed but it has made enough room for the screen to stand back a bit ~ altogether less cramped ~ I'll see how it works out.   Another funny day ~ Annabel arrived in the rain and after a good chat went off in bright sunshine and has forgotten her umbrella ~ I expect Barbara will pick it up for her.   Another friendly email from my Richard (RTWP) ~ after all these years he really is back in the family.   Although I might get scolded for it, when I came round from my flop and after John's work on the glazing bars yesterday, I decided to put a clean curtain up in the study ~having worked out exactly what I needed to do ~ hoorah !!  ~ I managed it !   So I am not quite done for yet ~ I know I could have asked for help but there-you-are ~ I did it myself and the other curtain is in the wash ~ Rosemary brought me these sunflower curtains when she worked in The Heart Shop and they are perfect up here ~ if there are people next door I keep a curtain pulled across in case they think I am spying on them as they sit out on Peter's Patio.   Have started another novel on Kindle ~ let me get the title ~ it is tempting to lazily open the next title Kindle send me rather than find my favourite authors, but so far they have all been worth reading.   

Second helping of kedgeree tonight ~ and I've enough parsley in the pot Richard planted recently ~ kedgeree does need parsley.   Richard was here first thing to cart off all the black bags of rubbish that he had filled yesterday ~ the cump is not open on Wenesdays.   He moved the staddle stone into a prominent position as it had become lost in the undergrowth ~ and he discovered a baby staddle that had appeared from somewhere (see photo).

Friday pm : hust had a good chat with my poor Georgie ~ her specialist says things wont get any better meaning they are certainly going to get worse ~ she says now the shaking keeps her awake at night now though she takes the medication as late in the afternoon as possible which seems to help a little ~ her Consultant specialises in EPILEPSY and PARKINSON'S so there must be a link though nobody has admitted it ~ a life time on epilepsy drugs can't have helped.   My poor darling girl.

So glad Richard moved the staddle stone ~ I can see it from the sitting room ~ there is still a couple of hours' work to be done clipping back stuff growing on the far wall ~ to think what a bare patch it was for the first few years I was here ~ it was only when the Lambs gave me a thousand pounds that I could set Steve Little to clear it and plant it for me ~ they left me a further £10,000 eventually ~ so kind, so generous ~ Helen and Philip Lamb, God Parents to most of the Proctor children, he was Principal of St John's College, York ~ it was a great treat to be invited up there for a few days ~ they gave ne a monthly allowance and got me into Leeds Teacher Training College which was less helpful ~ I was definitely NOT cut out to be a teacher and that was where I met Howard !!   However they meant well.   He was a most distinguished figure, sweeping round York in his clerical gear ~ his great thing was to drag me off for an early swim, we would often be the first in the water at 6.30 or whenever it opened ~ though he had a tendency to paw us all ~ my sisters all confirm this ~ no harm in it, mind but a shock to start with.

Saturday evening : S's delivery which meant sorting out fridge and freezer though this week it did not take so long to get everything put away ~ I'd meant to get cornflakes but must have forgotten ~ still have some rice crispies but sugary ones and horrid 
~ must take more care when ordering ~ good supper ~ broad beans (the first I've had this season), small potatoes and a slice of ham, followed by raspberry yoghurt ~ raspberries are much tastier than strawberries, especially forced strawberries.   Lunch time my friend Joan turned up ~ she and her friend are over in Whitby for a few days ~ Joan calls in about once a year and I'm not sure how we first met unless it was at one of our September Open Days ~ I think she was brought up in Whitby and had an aunt living next door in number 7 ~ her friend drove them over ~ that was nice, but they came before I'd had a bite to eat and refused tea or coffee ~ by the time they left I was ravenous and exhausted ~ I do find chatting tiring these days ~ quite patheric.   Trump seems to get wilder by the day but fortunately his decrees are usually blocked by Congress ~ how long can he survive ~ he struts about with "I am the king of the castle" written all over him ~ and now he is threatened by that loony in control of North Korea (with the very odd haircut).

The garden was no more than a building site the exact proportions of the kitchen of one of the cottages that were demolished in the thirties ~ nothing had been done to it in the intervening years ~ and look at it today (see above)