thanks to Mary the light is on again in loo though walls are not this colour but pale yellow.


timber ceiling in big attic

Saul Black came to trim my toe nails ~ he always gives me the full treatment with oils and whatnot ~ my feet feel good tonight.   Pippa a friend of Rose came for a reading which she seemed to find made sense ~ these days I'm not charging for readings ~ payment seems to get in the way somehow ~ in the old days the Tarot fiver was often the only money I had but things are so much easier now ~ I like the feeling that I am NOT doing this for money.   A lovely day ~ two gorgeous sights in my garden ~ the MALLOW bush which this year is enormous and covered in blossom though Richard cut it roght back to ground level, and on the high wall an amazing display of Japanese anemones !   I'm hoping John will find time to do the attic window frames ~ in the big attice timber covers a large area ~ some experts who came round the house years ago said it was clearly the work of boat builders ~ that makes sense here in Whitby ~ the boat builders would be taking on other joinery work once the boats had set out to sea.   I do love all these snippets of information that people give me.   A message from Di Feather via Ellen ~ "Could we be friends again . . . "   I didn't know we had fallen out ~ she used to come over from Scarborough every couple of weeks but this meant queueing for bus over there and especially in the season standing all the way to Whitby ~ I thought this was too much to ask of her especially as adafter only an hour or so I'd invariably start to wilt and poor Di had the awful bus journey in reverse ~ apparently she has moved to Whitby ~ I will be delighted to get back together again ~ Di was a really good friend ~ it is her ghastly sister I fell out with !   It was Di who encouraged me to get a camera, my dear little digital  camera, and showed me how to use it ~ no need to take a film to Boots to be developed ~ at considerable cost ~ thank you Di ~ hope you will soon come and see me again xxx   It's one hundred years since that terrible battle of Passchendaele (that doesn't look right ~ must check spelling) when hundreds of thousands died on both sides 

Tuesday morning : oh good ~ message from Bev ~ her John will come and do the attic window frames tomorrow and Barbara will get me some monet from bank to pay him.   I've tried to get the japanese anemones on camera 
 an absolutely enormous clump ~ I rember years ago stealing a handful of the stuff from somenody's wa'' up on Henrietta Terrace on my way back from the baths ~ and now it is everywhere in the yard !   IF there are no other flowers I sometimes cut a bunch for the kitchen table ~ it lasts quite well.   I've had John Dowland playing most of the morning and now Schubert ~ heavenly !   The minute the sun comes out there are butterflies all over the garden ~ two pairs of cabbage whites, one pair of red emperor ( have I got tha right ?) but none of Martha Kearney's painted ladies 
 they all seem to be feastong on the mallow blossom which is abundant just now ~ no holiday makers in the yard at present though schools have definite;y broken up.   Will and Agi seem particularly fond of Devon ~ I onder of they have visited LUSTLEIGH on the edge of Dartmoor which is where David and I spent our eary years, first in Higher-Above-Ways, and then moving right into the village to Lyndhurst ~ and of course through the War we were all evacuated to Mapstone, a farmhouse that had been requisitioned by Jill Salmon and her partner as a small boarding school ~ David and I were there and later Stepen while Nancy was  one of the babies Frances Johnson took in ~ when he was 10 David went back to Bristol to start at the Grammar School ~ let me see if I have any Lustleigh photos ~ although I really don't remember it myself, I know it was a kind of Miss Marples place ~ old fashioned and rather posh.   Seeong photo of Charlie Thomas, Charlie Gray says she looks like me ~ wow !  that's really flattering ~ I'll put her photo omn next instalment : Helen's daughter, my neice,  Charlie Thomas :

Georgie's lovely pink daisies ~ nine days old and still glorious !

Higher Above Ways, Lustleigh ~ now called simply Above Ways

David and Joy With Mummy on steps of Lyndhurst