Farewell, Peter Rabbit ~ off to the Charity Shop with you !

The wonderful tub Richard planted for me outside the door

Password problems

Watched final part of the Sweet Makers programme ~ fascinating.   Kate rang and they have booked family room at the Youth Hoste' August 16th and 17th at £60 a night so that's good ~ she said yesterday with opening of the Piece Hall was great including VIP breakfast ~ she didn't leave till 8.30 but some of her colleagues were still there at 11pm !   John found evidence of wood worm up on window sill in large attic ~ it may be historical but he'll come in again in a week or so and if it is active he will treat it ~ I'm suddenly realising that it is amazing that with so much wood in the house ~ mostly dating from 1750s ~ this is the first sign of woodworm ~ there were always books on that window sill which hid the evidence ~ let's hope the damage is old.   The Doves want me to go and visit them in their new flat but I've had to tell them that even by taxi there's no way I can get down the yard or back up again afterwards ~ the furthest I get these days is to my dustbin or to sit out on the bench in the sun ~ and, YES, I know it's feeble of me, but there it is.'

Thursday and Diana is here doing sitting room and kitchen this morning ~ two bags out on the bench for the Heart Shop to collect ~ books and clothes ~ I am making a start on clearing out the clutter ~ am sending the complete boxed set of the Peter Rabbit books (Beatrix Potter) ~ it is going to be years yet before any of the family want them ~ I must admit I will feel really sad to see them go but somebody will surely snap them up for a small grand child.   I know the expression is used metaphorically of course but are there  really worms that live in and munch their way through books ?   I could look it up on Google ~ no point looking in a dictionary or encyclopedia as my eye sight is too poor these days ~ without the Kindle I'd be lost.

Because of Sport, no Channel4 News ~ feel quite disorientated !   Sweet corn for supper ~ corn on the cob ~ made out order for Sainsbury's ~ glorious here but Georgie said it was pouring down there ~ attics in a tip but John said he'll come and put the curtains back next week ~ they are all washed ready.   Just finishing Kindle book which is a rather gentle story but quite interesting ~ Whitby features in it includine the 199 steps ~ I'll get author and title for you . . . "The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper"  by Phaedra Patrick. That's a nice name : PHAEDRA !

Friday ~ comings and goings all day ~ Annie and Chris Dove in time for quick coffee ~ he was scolding me again, this time about not taking my various medication seriously ~ he's quite right, of course, and he's only teasing ~ for once I didn't have time for a flop so sat and read a while till Lucy came for catch-up and cupas ~ to my shame it was after lunch when I discovered I had not made the bed though it had had a jolly good airing ~ S's delivery which always takes an hour to sort out and put away once I've sponged out fridge and organised freezer ~ again I had ordered masses of fruit ~ 5 peaches, 5 golden plums, 4 pears, 3 ;emons, raspberries and blue berries, 2 avocadas, 2 bananas, ~ sounds such a lot but I seem to get through this amount every week ~ I should be wonderfully fit.   I am virtually vegetarian but making out the order last night I suddenly felt the need for some serious protein and added a small chicken ready to roast with garlic and herbs ~ popped it in the oven straight away to have cold chicken, 4 small potatoes and broad beans for supper ~ the lettuce that came is black, almost black, but none the worse for that ~ healthy living ahead you can see.

Saturday : was wondering whether to tidy out the shed which would simply involve lifting the three storage boxes out on to the yard to sweep floor and put everything back tidily but realised it was beyond me ~ I simply do not have the strength ~ I must get Richard to do it next time he is here ~ to avoid confusion by Richard I mean Richard Eshelby gardener and friend ~ my son Richard I will refer to as RTWP ~ Richard Thomas Wilson Peach ~ these days I  seem to lurch around grabbing the table, the Aga, the bureau to stop myself falling ~ oh dear ~ Chris says he lurches too ~ maybe this is why I feel so nervous about venturing down the yard ~ the walking stick is not much help as I lurch hither and yon ~ cculd be worse, worse by far.   Want to order a gorgeous wire solar light but can't fathom out how to pay for it ~ it's a question of password for facebbok ~ I have it written down but it doesn't seem to be accepted ~ shit !    Delightful photos from Sarah Bingham of her young faily ~ Sarah's mother Dianne died several years ago, and her father, my brother Stephen will have nothing to do with either Sarah or her brother Tim ~ he's missing out on all these grandchildren ~ we blame his second wife Veronica ~ what an idiot he is !   Reports of unbearable heat wave in Spain just now ~ hope Richard and Imma are able to cope ~ whoops !   I mean RTWP !   RICHARD was Howard's choice, THOMAS was mine, and Wilson was for Howard's old grandfather ~ rather a mouthfull for a small baby and I always regretted that we did not call him TOMMY ~ when he got in touch again out of the blue after those lost FORTY years, he signed his first tentative email with his full name so that I would know it was not a hoax ~ Imma is an abbreviation of Immacilata he told me ~ she has quite a string of Catholic names ~ I'm so happy to think he plans to bring her to Whitby  possibly as soon as September ~ after all this time # wonderfull !


Georgie's witch in attic window ~ I do hope the wood worm John discovered on the window sill is not active ~ it's been hidden under the books.