the little pouch with my digital camera in it

What can I have done with it ?

Ellen's lovely creamy roses

No sign of my small red camera in its flowery cotton pouch though I've searched high and low ~ realise I have not seen it since Monday or possibly last Saturday ~ the only possibility is that by accident I have put it into the rubbish bin but surely I'm not that daft ~ I've a good mind to order another one, a sumple digital camera from Amazon from which I can transfer pictures onto this blog ~ maybe I should wait till Kate is here next week and see what she thinks.   Kate and family are staying at the Youth Hostel up by the Abbey ruin Wednesday and Thursday nights and Bill is bringing Georgie over on the Thursday so that will be lovely.   My friend John from Wells was planning to come for a couple of nights in late September but I don't honestly think I can cope with him ~ he will be staying with family in York and was hoping to come to Whitby on the bus while he is there ~ must phone and tell him it is too much for me ~ I really am so frail and blind and everything such a challenge.   John is even older than I am so I'm sure he will understand.

Right now it's pouring again though we do get the odd bright spell between showers.   EGG SCARE across Europe ~ hope mine are OK ~ farm eggs from local farmer on the market ~~ tension rising between Donald Trump and North Korea ~ two bully boys testing one another's strength ~ could even lead to war we are told and possibly NUCLEAR WAR !

Sunday 3.30 : and thank goodness for that ~ the camera turned up on the attic, in a plastic shopping bag ~ PRAISE the LORD !   Dealt with my worry about having John-from-Wells here in September ~ I'm too old and frail to cope with a visitor ~ he took it in good part ~ maybe he is relieved himself ~ a fine sunny day ~ no sign of life in the yard but I expect we will soon have holiday makers in every cottage.   Now I can take photos of the beautiful pale roses Ellen brought me ~ enough for TWO vases ~ how kind.   It is sad to accept that much as I love old friends I simply can no longer cope with visitors, not even family, not staying in the house ~ my kids always rent a cottage (here in the yard whenever possible) and pop in and out while leaving me in peace between whiles ~ living alone, even talking can be exhausting !

the last of these horrible mats I got for John's kitchen which eventually came back to me ~ all bagged up ready for dustmen on Wednesday