Is this it, then ?

Oh dear ~ I seem to be in danger of losing my balance ~ I've fallen three times and had to press my alarm for help ~ at this age once on the floor it is almost impossible to get back on my feet without help ~ a few bruises but otherwise o damage done ~ in the morning Fowan and Robert are coming to see whether the sitting room carpet can be straightened out ~ it's been rucked up like this from the start but now I am so unstable it could be dangerous ~ Barbara came for a chat after work (she is a volunteer with DAG at the library) and for once we were able to sit out on the bench, the sun had moved rouns ~ it's usually in full sun and a bit too much.   Tomorrow Kate and family will be at the Youth Hostel ~ they have had a couple of days in Newcastle where Kate was at Poly ~ the doctor is coming tomorrow to see why I keep falling over ~ Barbara suggests that perhaps my blood pressure suddenly drops ~ I won't bother with a bath tonight though I don't tink that is what caused me to fall ~ I really do not feel happy unless I've had a bath but one night topping and tailing won't hurt.

Saturday 6pm : I seem to be falling behind on this now ~ it's partly my eye sight and partly lethargy I have to admit ~ everything is becoming more of a challenge ~ the end is probably nigh.  Last week I ended up at James Cook Hospital, Midlesborough after falling in the garden, and this week Kate drove me to A &E at Scarborough after another fall ~ I'd been rescued by thepeople who moniyor our personal alarms and they advised us to go for xray just in case ~ fortunately Kate was here, staying on for a few days after her family had set off home (Heptonstall) and she drove us to Scarborough ~ no broken bones but they kept me in over night anyway and Kate drove back here not arriving until 11.30 or so ~ I feel I'm becoming a frightful nuisance ~ next morning and Georgie turned up and then Kate, bless them ~ Kate drove me back here and has decided to stay till Monday to make sure I'm OK ~ I do suddenly feel unstable and realise I'm lurching everywhere ~ and my eye sight is deteriorating rapidly ~ I am typing this blind with my face only two inches from the screen ~ but have had a pretty good life so mustn't grumble and I'm so happy that Richard came back  before it is too late.   Today Saturday Bill brought Georgie over again so again I had both my girls here with me   now Kate is making supper ~ pasta, mushrooms and runner beans ~ lovely !I have a visitor curled up on my bed ~ one of Mary's cats ~ so friendly and purring away like mad ~ good smells wafting up from Kate's cooking ~ I'm beginning to feel very hungry,

Without wanting to dwell on my injuries, I am quite black and blue everywhere 
 Rose brought ARNICA from her shop, both ointment and pills which seems the best thing for bruising and is already making a difference ~ the lefhand ribs are the most painful   It is lovely having Katie here ~ she is such good company and we seem to collapse in hysterics as often as not.

Natie has done brilliantly in her a Levels with A+ for Maths among other things ~ she has been accepted at Bristol University with Maths as her main subject ~ poor Ben found a worthwhile job with his 2/1 degree but after only a cuple of months the firm has collapsed and he is out of worj again, poor lad ~ very disheartening ~ on Kate's lot, Dan also got a 2/1 and is staying on at York to do his master's ~ Doug is about to start in the Upper Sixth though not certain yet what he wants to aim for in life though possibly some branch of the Police or Forensic Science ~ all these bright grand children !