Ellen's roses ~ still bloomin'' beautiful

My Girl Kate

Kate went off home to Heptonstall on 1.30 bus to Scarborough and then train to Leeds and on to Hebden Bridge ~ she has been a wonderful companion as well as a support ~ we seem to have laughed ourselves silly several times a day ~ I am really proud of her, the youngest of my four, my baby !   Tomorrow I will try and catch up here but that's enough for tonight ~ time for a bath and a good read till NewsNight.

Wednesday : wet and with violent thunderstorm this morning ~ cancelled plumber who never seems to come and Mary is contacting the Ingram brothers who are thoroughly reliable and will probably come quite quickly to deal with leak in shed ~ I would have thought the job was too small for them but Mary seems to think not ~ funnily enough Ken rang almost as soon as I'd cancelled sounding rather hurt that I hadn't waited for him ~ to save his feelings, I told him a son-in-law fixed it for me ~ it has been leaking like this on and off for years but none of the plumbers I've called in has been able to fix it ~ let's see how the Ingrams get on.

Since falling I'm smothered in bruises and aching ~ I'm taking the doctor's pain killers night and morning ~ I'm feeling my age suddenly, frail and doddery !   As long as I can manage the bath I can cope.   Better to die here than be carted off to a Home ~ when I'm into a good book I;m always thinking I hope I live to finish it ...   Sainsbury's delivery came this morning so the fridge is full ~ what shall I eat tonight ?   Did I give you this fabulous picture yesterday ?   Artwork from Kate's department ~ probably should not use it without permission ~ withut acknowledfing the artist ~ I must ask Kate.

Thursday pm : Ellen mentioned that this blog is rather thin ~ my eye sight is so poor it is quite an effort writing anything but I will try to keep going a while yet ~ Diana was here this morning and insisted on ringing doctor and District Nurse ~ she will look in tomorrow, and doctor says I'm to ring if I start falling over again which I have not done since I stopped taking blood pressure pills which were almost certainly causing me to collapse when BP got too low ~ so that's a relief.   Georgie says Bill will bring her over on Saturday ~ I feel a bit bad about this but she says they combine it with a visit to a Garden Centre so he gets something out of it too,

Feeling so close to death these last few days has made me take stock of my life ~ apart from the children, I don't seem to have achieved much  ~ maybe survival is enough ~ and thank heavens Richard came back ~ just in time,   All the terrorist activity seems to be focussed on that part of Spain at the minute ~ hope they are OK Richard and Imma ~ he says they are several miles out ofBarcelona.   These days use a magnifying glass ~ I have them all over the house but the one up here I gort for John from the antique shop up on Flower Gate ~ it is quite powerful ~ I seem to be polishing it every day but next time I pick it up it's all smeared again.

My girl Kate ~ what shall we have for supper, Ma ?

visitor in the shed