Diana brought me a walking frame which she had been given when she was recovering from cancer ~ a great help ~ thank you !

Wish I knew what they were all for!

My lovely green lamp

Blind as a blinking bat

Friday morning : Oh dear ~ I really am in trouble now with eyes ~ if only I/d learned to touch type !   As it is I am struggling to find each letter.   A nice bright morning ~ Mary called upstairs before they set off for York ~ such good neighbours.   I bought this heavy magnifying glass for John though I don't think he appreciated it ~ thankfully I was able to rescue it when he went into a Home though his charming family were determined to keep everything I'd given him the green standard light in particular ~ I've already told you how Gowan and I did a smash and grab raid early one morning and brought it back here before his daughter could dispose of it ~ it is the first thing I bought after our divorce and a handsome thing ~ John had had the use of it for nine years ~ it cheered up his rather bleak furnished flat but that didn't mean i GAVE it to him ~ I'm so happy to have it back allongside my chair by the window.

I now have so many different pills I don't know what any of them are for ~ I think the District Nurse may look in later and perhaps she can enlighten me and rub some of this stuff into my back.   After a good flop sorted out the fridge and tidied various kitchen drawers ~ now time to make supper ~ more later 

Saturday ~ Georgie and Bill came this morning so that was lovely ~ we all sat out in the garden, Bill too, which was nice for a change ~ I have become infuriatingly deaf~ they have to shout at me : What ?   What ?    What ?   Georgie brought flowers, and pain killers from Boots, and a lemon bun from Botham's ~ so kind and she never let's me pay for anything.   Visitors in no.7 and still no sign of life at no.5 ~ did the first buyers drop out ?   It's been months now since Eileen said it was sold.An interesting book I'm reading (on kindle, of course) ~ frequent quotes from Hamlet whch for some reason reminds me of Helen Lamb, God Mother to most of the Proctors along with Philip, Principal of St John's College, York ~ she made a point of reading all of Shakespeare every year !  They had no children which was a great sadness to her ~ he was the Important One while Helen only had a subsiduary role though she was quite as bright and quite as well qualified ~ she was allowed to produce one Shakespeare play a year in College ~ she must have been deeply frustrated, I suspect.   Some years ago I typed up all her letters to Mother ~ they had corresponded for years ~ and this feeling of frustration came through strongly ~ they were a distinguished couple and played an important part in our family ~ they left me £10,000 !   Mary just brought me a dish of blackberry crumble with blackberries from up on their garden, and a jug of custard to go with it ~ couldn't wait to cook supper but had a good helping of this straight away while it was piping hot ~ oh scrumptious !   And plenty left for tomorrow.   You see what I mean, I am spoilt for kindness !

Mary's excellent blackberry crumble ~ blackberries from up the cliffe