and the iced lemon bun Georgie brought me from Botham's

Blackberries galore

Mary says there are tons of blackberries up behind their house ~ in all my years here, I don't remember anybody mentioning blackberries ~she brought me a delicious helping of crumble and a jug of custard, with plenty for tomorrow ~ Georgie brought me one of Botham's lemon buns ~ I'm going to get as fat as a pig !   Especially as the only exercise I take is up and down my stairs ~ mind, with the walking frame that Diana brought me, I could have a regular outing up and down the yard.

Later : chicken sandwiches for supper with lovely fresh lettuce and for pud another spoonful of Mary's crumble ~ ch/4 News   Dad's Army which was a bit confusing tonight and mostly in the dark ~ Ellen came and rubbed my bruised ribs with this stuff which does help ~ so glad Bill stayed and talked with us out in the garden ~ no need to cook tomorrow as I seem to have a fridge-full ~ time to go down and read and so goodnight . . .

Sunday ~ such lovely photos from Helen's Charlie ~ she and Lu are such proud parents and the twins now toddling and adorable ~ a truly happy story.   Johnny and Darren are here and popped up for a chat ~ I was quite impressed that Darren knew what my staddle stone is and all about granaries so gave him a copy of Hampshire Granaries ~ on the twentieth anniversary of her death, Songs of Praise was a tribute to her good works ~ there is a documentary on her life tonight which though not a royalist, perhaps I'll watch~ so glad G eorgie and Bill came over yesterday ~ the bloody Parkinson's is getting a grip ~ poor lamb.   Bank Holiday tomorrow and the yard busy with visitors in no.7 and Johnny in no.~ have loads of veg in fridge so must make healthy vegy stew for supper : onion, garlic, mushrooms, brocoli , a carrot and a couple of these baby spuds ~ with enough for tomorrow too.   And then the second helping of Mary's crumble !   Let me go and get on with it before the TV Newsat 6.0pm. . . 

Monday 10.30am ~ a lovely bright Bank Holiday morning ~ families sitting out on all yard patios ~ I watered the pots and swept my yard ~ sticks everywhere thrown from the chimney bu seagulls ~ all of them straight and stripped of leaves and twigs ~ highest temperature of summer forecast ~ terrible floods in America with Houston several feet underwater after the fiercest tornado in living memory.   

staddle stones are so wonderfully efficient and the design has not been modified or improved upon in five hundred years or more

the plinth was needed to prevent the staddle sinking into the ground under the weight of the building