My good friend Barbara with her Great Nephew Zeph and her glowing beads round her neck

The Happy Couple ~ August 23rd some sixty years ago ~ ah me . . .

The Ingrams wall

Ellen called in, and Barbara who agrees I can put thus lovely picture of herself and her grand nephew here for you.   And here we are, Wednesday afternoon !   The Ingram boys, Steve and Mark came as promised, quickly fixed problem of dripping overflows, and will come on Friday to install downpipe on shed gutter ~ ~ excellent ~ we remembered how when they'd finished building the high wall I look out onto from the front door, Peter and Margaret's wall, we held a bit of a topping out ceremony on the patio with wine and nibbles ~ they buried a time capsule in the wall which I had prepared with a lit of all occupants of the yard, that day's front page of The Guardian, a copy of the local paper, and various other stuff, which the Ingrams enbedded in the wall but blow me as we drank and made merry their lovely dog, Lady, who had been supervising the building work for a couple of weeks unearthed our time capsule and brought it proudly  to his master so it had to be reburied and deeper this time with a heavy paving stone on top of it for good measure ~ time capsule will probably never be discovered as the Ingrams wall will stand for ever ~ look at it today, as sturdy as ever.   The nurse LOIE came to take my blood pressure and we had an AGA APPRECIATION session ~ she is a farmer's wife with a farm kitchen ~~she was yelling me how last night she picked a couple of pounds of blackberries and threw a handful into her scone mix and ate them with blackberry jam !  BP was perfect she assured me so obviously the blood pressure pills were the problem bringing it dangerously low which is why I kept falling over ~ I'm still black and blue particularly on my ribs butt no pain to speak of now.

Margaret and Peter have just turned up so had a quick chat about their holiday in a large house they'd rented in Wales with all the family: their 3 with their 3 partners and between them nine offspring !Johnny came up and we satr out on the bench for a chat ~ there is a slight awkwardness between us ~ last time he was here he brought fish & chips one night and a bottle oBarbaraf wine ~ I'm afraid he is thinking I am expecting this again, or possibly every time he is here ~ oh dear !   Understand it was simply a one-off treat !   Kate says there are other panels in their Art Gallery by the same artist ~ hoping she will send photos though she says this one is the best.

Thursday : Diana was here as usual ~ such a wonderful help ~ she even took my blood pressure and then rang the doctor to ask if it was dangerously high : 140/90 roughly speaking ~ she asked one of them to visit me but I just rang and cancelled request as there is not much they can do for frailty and don't want to be accused of crying wolf ~ Johnny came in last night with a bottle of wine so that was jolly ~ he goes home tomorrow, to Newcastle ~ no.3 is a holiday cottage like most of the others in the yard but when he hasn't got a booking he comes down himself ~ he is a good friend.   A clean sheet on the blotter but it does not seem absorbent as blotting paper  used to ~ but then I very rarely use ink but it makes a nice smooth writing surface.  Twentieth anniversary of Princess Diana's death ~ must be painful for her boys, constant reminders and analysis.   Barbara brought me eggs from the man on the market  and they really are different ~ large eggs with lovely brown shells. and  large deep orange yols ~ had one  straight away for lunch !   Georgie just rang and was pleased to report that at last one of my grandchildren had actually found time to say thank you for a small handout ~ a welcome surprise ~ it is important to thank people, isn't it ?   I'd somehow managed to move the onscreen text over to the right of screen but eventually  discovered how to centre it again ~ right ~ time to make out an order for a Sainsbury's delivery tomorrow ~ I've deliberately let it run down as far as milk, bread, cheese and fruit go so will be glad to sponge out the fridge and start afresh.   Later : the last day of August and earlier I put the heating on and even then watched the News wrapped in a rug !   

Friday : Ingrams came and sorted out problem in shed ~ I should have asked them years ago ~ overflows from both bathroom have regularly been dribbling down onto shed roof and steps which has obviously been very dangerous in winter ~ I have felt loathe to get them for other jobs feeling the work was too insignificant for them (with their strong reputations) but Steve said, Rubbish !   If you need hekp, phone us !   Such a nice pair~ until recently their old Dad would work them ~ all three are Master Masons.  A nurse turned up first thing to take my blood pressure under the impression they must monitor me daily but sorted it out and once in six weeks should be enough now that it seems to have stabilised.   Long chatty email from Richard ~ so good that we are friends again.   Peter and Margaret have gone now, and Johnny too ~ he popped in for a mug of tea and chat before he went ~ another time I hope to persuade him to druve me out to visit Bev at Glaisdale ~ she and John are away in Scotland this week.   Sainsbury's delivery came and I got fridge sorted out and freezer as usual and all stowed away including a wonderful lettuce ~ crisp and enormous !     A good salad tonight.   Leaving a messagef or Richard the gardener at the Harty's where I know he works on Fridays, I was sorry to hear how ill Nicholas has been but they have a large family, 3 of each, boys and girls, who seem to be rallying round even though like mine they are scattered all over ~ the nearest at Huddersfield ~ oh dear, they are both dreadfully lame and in wheel chairs, Susan and Nick  though younger than me ~ I'm counting my blessings again~ not they have sorted out the low blood pressure I'm in good health and good spirits ~ and now it's time for a bath before I start making supper.

The topping out party with the Ingrams and friends