Freshly installed gutter and down pipe on shed

3 pairs of specs and none of them much use ~ no difference between them as far as I can discover ~ time for another visit to Vision Express

A feeling of Autumn in the air tonight

Bright but definitely chilly ~ Barbara came in to help me with a computer problem ~ such a good friend, and so jolly capable !   Eye sight is so poor now I may not be able to keep going with this blog much longer ~ I know it's only this old biddy waffling on, but I do enjoy writing it, and a fair number of you seem to enjoy reading it ~ I'll aim to keep going to entry number 600 ~ Old-bloody-Age !!   Never mind ~ I feel so blessed in friends and family particularly now my Richard has popped up after 40 years !!  Years ago when we were still married and living in Quarry Road Winchester I was left £50 ~ my mother's sister JOY after whom I had been named had died~ Fifty pound was a hell of a lot especially as I scarcely ever had more than the Family Allowance to my name which around that time was no more than a pound or two a week ~ so, did I spend this windfall wisely ?   Did I treat the fanily to a few extras ?   No !   Having cashed it in the bank I blew most of it straight away : there was a posh shoe shop near the Butter Cross and there I bought myself a good pair of stout ankle boots, blue with crepe soles ~ it was so long since I'd had any shoes, I told the assistant that I'd better have one size bigger to leave room for my feet to grow into them !!   Obviously the only shoes I'd bought in years were for the kids ~ the assistant must have thought I was a moron.   I kept them on, I remember, and chucked the shabby old brogues that I'm pretty certain I'd been wearing sincen my college days fifteen years before into a bin and felt wonderful in my smart new shoes.   Next I remember going to the toy shop in the Square beside the Cathedral and bought the most beautiful doll ~ French I think she was and expensive ~ that sounds totally ludicrous I know, a woman of that age buying a DOLL ! and I haven't thought of it for years but maybe she was compensation for my LOST childhood ~ lost to Epilepsy ~ Mother always assured me that I'd had a happy childhhod ~ just David and me ~ before the rest of them arrived ~ Stephen, Nancy, Mary, William and Helen ~ but in truth I remember nothing of those first eleven/twelve years   You'll be glad to know there was still a little of Aunt Joy's bequest left for small treats for the kids but thinking back, what ludicrous behaviour ~ the doll was much loved by Georgie and Kate and Georgie's step daughter Caroline and is probably still going strong somewhere in the North Humberside region !   Although a bit on the big side, the blue boots lasted for years ~ shabby by then,but I was even wearing them up here in Whitby maybe twenty years later ~ and of course, they were not a pair of my shoes but the ONLY pair !!   So they did pretty well.   There, don't know what brought that to mind ~ a funny thing, memory.

The Ingram boys have made a good job of guttering and down pipe for shed ~ I'll take a picture of it before Dad's Army at 8.30 ~ one of these days I'll leave in all the typing errors I make in my blindness !   Thank god for the Kindle but I must master the downloading of new books ~ I get there, but in a very complicated operation ~ I must ask Mary for a lesson ~ I know she reads on a Kindle too.    Later ~ having spent a full hour on it, I think I've got it ~ what an idiot I am !

Later ~ treated myself to a Mary Berry Summer Pudding with Sainsbiry's order ~ yummy !   I used to make them of course ~ line a basin with soft bread, crusts removed, fill it up with berries and put a bread lid on top, weigh it down with something heavy and next day the bread is soaked in juice ~ so delicious with custard or cream ~ do mothers still make things like this ~ in my day everything was home made, apart from bread ~ you could take great prode in feeding the family.  Sorry if that sounds cocky ~ I'm sure today's mums take just as much pride in the meals they produce ~ actually, I sometimes wonder how did I produce three meals a day for the six of us for twenty years or so ~ my mind boggles.  Finally, writing to inform me that my appointment at the Eye Clic has had to be postponed, " due to clinician unavailability . . .  !!   Oh, please !!

Clinician unavailability !!!  

The excellent bruise balm that Rose brought me from her shop