The red bull that Peggy made for her funeral pyre ~ she and her son Angus soared off into eternity together

Peggy Angus at Furlongs on the South Downs above Glynde village ~ her home for sixty-odd years and a magnet for other artists

Let's see whether I can restore normal layout . .    .    No  I've lost it ~ it was only a paragraph so no big deal ~ bright afternoon after torrential rain ~ Kate sent me the name of the artist who created the wonderful glass art ~ BARRY CLARK ~ found him on google and several more of his glass work but try as I might I cannot download any of them ~ look him up yourself ~ quite glorious stuff.   I'm having a butter-free day as punishment ~ late last night I suddenly went mad ~ I'd cooked four Lincolnshire sausages earlier which were cooling on the table ~ could not resist having one right then with slice of bread ~ yum-yum ~they have sage in them and are de-lish ! but that wasn't the end of it ~ there was half a meringue shell left from when Kate was here which I smothered in plum jam and then a dollop of cream on the top !!   Don't know what came over me as I'd had pancakes at tea time, four of them smothered in lemon ~ today I am on frugal diet and NO BUTTER !  Can't remember when I ever behaved so wildly before !   I must say I slept like a top !   Boiled egg tonight, I think, with dry toast, and an apple.

Thursday afternoon and pouring !   Barbara popped in earlier to collect post ~ Diana was here and spent her whole hour cleaning kitchen window and frame, and area above the Aga which was all thick with dust ~ I haven't been able to do it myself for months ~ it involves climbing step ladder and balancing on the draining board ~ it all looking great now.   Allan rang from Keighley and he and Jean will be in Whitby next week, probably calling in on Thursday morning ~ I'm glad we are keeping in touch after all this time.   New food storage boxes arrived and though it sounds a bit daft investing in new ones at my time of life, what are left of earlier sets are discoloured and warped and in some cases have lost their lids so a bright and cheerful fresh start there.

Our Richard RTWP  didn't realise what a significant artist Peggy Angus was ~ next in age to Mother in that enormous Angus family, (13 of them) our aunt, and prolific artist and designer ~ she was by way of being a Communist but had three properties ~ Furlongs on Sussex Downs, a studio flat in Camden, and a bothy on Barra ~ I have to admit I found her intimidating ~ she could not be bothered with anyone who was not exploring their potential.   9.15pm : watched a heart-warming Who Do You Think You Are /  with a woman in a wheel chair ~ particularly the second half in which she was following her mother's family right back to 1690s to Yeoman stock on a farm in Denbighshire ~ some of the series are rather dull going back only a couple of generations ~ this was a real treat. Barbara tells me the subject is a successful actress in spite of dwarfism and has appeared in East Enders among other programs.     The rain seems to have stopped but again I've put the heating on ~ the early dark and the downpour were so depressing.   I'm so glad Diana has turned up in my life ~ she works so hard and is ready to tackle anything even the kitchen window ~ tonight I closed it for the first time since May ~ Will and Agi found it chilly and I should have closed it when they were here ~ apologies.  Hurricans still roaring their way up the Carribean with billions of dollars damage all along that coast ~ this is the hurrican season but these are the worst in decades, someone said the worst since the 1920s ~I told you a bit about PEGGY ANGUS our artist aunt ~ tomorrow I'll see if I can find her in earlier entries.

Friday : such a friendly day ~ David and Alison and their visitors came up for a chat out on the bench ~ the visitors are from Gloucestershire, from the Laurie Lee area~ later Barbara came with my stamps ~ she wont be around for a week or so ~ she's visiting family in York and Nottingham ~ I was just coming round after my flop when Christopher turned up mainly to check that I really am taking my blood pressure, which I am ~ it seems steady at around 128/78 which is good, maybe perfect for my age and all ~ Kate bought me the machine so the least I can do is USE IT !   As he was getting up to leave, Lucy arrived ~ she is looking so much happier these days, and quite pretty ~ thanks to Lloyd ~ as the song says,  all we need is love . . . 

   Bill is bringing Georgie over tomorrow ~ I hope the others arem't chivvying her : "You're the nearest ~ do try to get over to Whitby more frequently"   Whatever, it will be good to see her ~ I must try to have a quiet morning so that I don't begin to wilt quite so quickly ~ the only comfort is that thanks to the bloody Parkinson's she wilts nearly as fast as I do ~ I seem to have reached the stage when even talking can be tiring.   Tom's birthday party tomorrow but there is no way I can get up onto their high ground ~ I expect / hope someone will bring me down a glass and a nibble of cake.   It is Heritage Open Weekend ~ David and Alison are opening their cottage, but it is beyond me, participating again ~ it was John introduced the Yards Event 15 years ago in his role as Chairman of the Civic Society ~ to start with we only allowed people to come up the yard and look at the exteriors of our properties but that didn't last long as everyone was begging to come inside ~ I have to admit I enjoyed showing them round ~ it was that first year that these two architects were among the visitors and told me firmly, "No ~ this is not a cottage but (now let me get their words right)  A GEM OF A MODEST EARLY GEORGIAN DOUBLE FRONTED TOWNHOUSE ~ wow !   How very lucky I am !   I think I told you that last year on David's reckoning we had 175 people through our cottages over the weekend ~ I was only able to cope because Kate came and took control ~ as a Conservationist  with the Halifax authority.

Saturday morning and David us out there hanging bunting ready for the Open Day ~ I am so thankful I opted out this time ~ even with my usual band of helpers there is no way I could have coped ~ I hope David and Alison do well and that the rain clears before 11am opening time.   Earluer, I suddenly discovered I had forgotten Alison's name and had to check with David : ALISON : of course it is, I know it very well ~ "no eyes, no ears, and now this !   Oh lordy . . .

Oh dear ~ I am suddenly needing the largest text on the Kindle !!