these glorious place mats !!

one of Mary's dinky chocolate meringues

HODs 2017

Another bunch of Georgie's lovely flowers

For the first time in maybe fifteen years I am not participating in the Heritage Open Days ~ no way could I have coped, not even with my small band of helpers ~ a wet start but it does seem to be clearing up ~ David and Alison don't want hoardes of drowned rats through their cottage.  

Later 9pm ~ it cleared up and turned out a lovely day ~ David and Alison had a steady stream of visitors so that's good ~ Georgie came with lovely white flowers as well as a small white uncut loaf from Botham's, bless her ~ and we had a good hour before Bill turned up in another pair of wacky socks ~ she puts a cheerful face on it, the bloody Parkinson's, which is beginning to get a grip, poor darling ~ I was a bit taken aback when she said, "I suppose Kate is your best girl too, is she ?"   They are BOTH my pride and joy, each in her different way ~ I felt my Georgie was feeling hurt but considering the problems she's coping with, small wonder.

Rose kept coming down from the top garden with more dishes for me from their bonfire party up there for Tom's 59th birthday and now as I type the fireworks are going off (but not theirs apparently) ~ no more tonight but I must take a more realistic picture of this dinky chocolate meringue before I bite into it ~ among the other delicacies that were sent down were cold chicken with stuffing and a soft bread roll, a dish of tasty savoury veggie mix, a glass of chilled white wine, 4 cup cakes, and this meringue treat ~ and earlier David brought me a glass of wine ~ rose (can't find the accent)  which I hadn't had for years ~ with so much kindness and so much booze  I could soon become a tippler.   Never mind all this trivial waffle, my real concern is for my poor darling Georgie ~ yes, MY BEST GIRL ~ thank goodness Bill is with her and being really loving and caring as far as I can see.   Watched fascinating program after the News ~ Shakespeare's Tomb ~ a group of archaeologists doing their best to discover where he was buried ~ however in the 17th century his skull was almost certainly stolen 'to order' by tomb robbers so we wee not much wiser but fascinating detective work nonetheless (is that really one word ?)

 Monday 5pm ~ Ellen brought Lydia round for a chat on the bench in the sun ~ I seem particularly blind today so will switch off, have a bath, and try again later.   Helen's 'daughter Ellin looked in earlier with her baby Jessie ~her Tom has family up here in Whiby ~ she'll come for coffee tomorrow morning.   I seem extra blind today and can scarcely see the keyboard ~ might as well give up and have a bath before I make supper.

Later : still struggling ~ hope this deterioration is not permanent ~ had half of Mary's delicious chocolate cake with coffee cream filling and a big splodge of thick whipped cream ~ I took a picture of it before diving in !   Ellen looked in for an hour or so with Lydia her German friend, and later Annabel too on her way to meet Lydia for a pub supper ~ Annabel was a Modern Language teacher, in fact Head of Modern Languages,  in the local High School and got to meet Lydia and her husband Willi through school exchange visits ~ sadly Willi died but Lydia keeps in touch with all her Whitby friends ~ she brought me two little pots of her cherry jelly ~ people are so kind.   So very kind.   Strange weather ~ glorious sunshine between violent downpours.   I'm afraid dementia is rearing its ugly head ~ I come upstairs to collect something, I begin a sentence on the computer, I open the fridge to decide what to have for supper ~ and my mind is a complete blank ~ worrying !   I'll add a couple of photos and call it a day ~ ~ ~

Tuesday 8.45pm ~ had such a friendly visit from Ellin and 7 month old Jessie and they will probably be in Whitby again shortly ~ Tom is doing up a house they have bought for holiday lets next door to their own ~ good to hear news of Helen and her lot ~ Ellin came to them after her mother died of cancer when her father and Helen joined forces with their three teenage girls ~ Ellin's dad has recently himself of cancer ~ all very sad.   Had to ask John staying at number 7 to get the lid off the super cherry jelly Lydia brought me  ~ had it on toast after supper and it is very good indeed ~ thank you, Lydia, and I hope I'm still around when you come to Whitby next year (with more pots of jam !)   Suddenly autumnal and I've got the heating on for an hour or two.   Ellin brought a bunch of glorious sunflowers ~ I'll go down and take a picture of them

We are all worrying that Georgie gets a fair deal from NHCC as she takes early retirement because of the bloody {arkinson's ~ she's been on sick leave since Christmas or thereabouts  and there is no way she could cope with her old job or any other job, bless her ~ it doesn't seem to be hereditary ~ there has been no record of it in my family ~ I don't know about Howard's.


All the party fare Rose brought down from Tom's birthday party up on their top garden ~ so delicious ~ so kind !!

Mary's wonderful chocolate cake with dollop of thick cream and behing, two small pots of crab apple jelly that Lydia brought from Germany/home ~ I'm quite spoilt by kindness

and just to keep you happy, another one of glass artist Barry Clark's glowing creations ~ as screen saver it gives me such pleasure ! I should send him an email ~ probably Kate knows his address as his work in the Heptonstall Art Gallery I think she told me.