ah-ha ~ what is in the box ?

Yes ~ another solar light !! But where am I going to put it ?

Jean and Allan

Oh my ! A scrumptious fruit tart ! Thank you Lesley !

I'd quite forgotten that they were in Whitby this week, but glad to see Jean And Allan when they turned up bearing two packets of Botham's biscuits ~ we opened the choc chip ones with our coffee ~ a lot of knitting talk ~ Jean is making socks and mittens for all her friends and a very smary flecked jersey that Allan was wearing ~ I haven't knitted for years but of course way back when the children were young, if one of them needed something, Mother knitted it for them ~ I think they had their first shop-bought jerseys when they started at High School ~ Kate never forgave me for NOT finishing the pink/purple striped dress I started knitting when she was about four ~ so pretty ~ but sadly I never finished it ~ maybe it was just then that I found a job and had very little time or energy for knitting.   Later : this amazing solar light has arrived but not sure where to put it ~ Georgie rang rather cross with me for sending cheque to pay for a lawyer if she decides to get one to make sure she gets a fair deal over her early retirement on medical grounds ~ she has helped me often enough especially during my early days in Whitby/   On the Kindle, I seem to lose the end of every book ~ having read say 82% of it, it then refuses    to carry on to the end ~ must sort this out as it is infuriating.

Thursday  : Diana was here and did this floor, the stairs and kitchen @ she is a wonderful help.   She is coming on Sunday morning (her birthday) for a ribbon reading~ I'm offering that large solar light to Mary if she likes it ~ it is too big for my smal cluttered sitting room ~ later YES she is delighted with it so that's good.   made a hearty lunch ~ bacon, potatoes and mushrooms and slept soundly till 3pm ~ such a loving tribute from Jane to her Dad, my brother David, who died 22 years ago today ~ he had had a form of meningitis as a teenager after swimming in the river at Chew Magna at Scout Camp and it left him with serious problems which he nobly overcame or lived with though in his later years bent practically double from damage to his spine ~ my mother never quite recovered from his death ~ I've mentioned it before, but Dad was always hard on David ~ there were regular challenges at meals when David would make some innocent remark and Dad would send him off to get the encyclopedia ~ even when he was wrong David always made out a good case for his claims ~ I wonder now whether Dad was jealous of this tall handsome young man ~ it was only after David became crippled that Dad began to warm towards him ~ as far as I was aware, the other boys did not suffer in this way ~ maybe men find it hard to love their first-born sone ~ very sad, but Ann told me David never mentioned this harsh treatment which was very generous of him ~ Mother said once when we were talking about it, Dad wanted his son to be a paragon but a bit bloody cruel treating a young lad like this : "Can you verify that ?   Fetch the atlas, the encyclopedia, the Greater English Dictionary."   Being treated like this would have left me unable to express an opinion but David went merrily on and his claims were mostly proved to be right ~ Bristol Grammar School once wrote in his report " David is a mine of useless information."   Sadly, we fell out before he died, but I think of him wo=ith great affection and respect particularly for the way he battled on in spite of his physical handicaps ~ they had three children ~ Michael, Jane and Robert who now have several children of their own none of whom David lived to meet.   

John and Lesley are staying next door for a few days and she brought me a super fruit tart fromCooplands which I am saving till after supper ~ I am practically overwhelmed by kindness

Ellin's sunflowers and Jean and Allan's biscuits from Botham's ~ everyone is so kind !