The walking sticks that the hospital collected this morning ~ I still have my wooden stick and the walking frame

Lesley's lovely large brown eggs ~ in comparison with Sainsbury's

Heart Shop

At last I've got round to phoning the Heart Shop who will collect a bag of stuf on Friday morning ~ must go up and see what can go ~ Barbara is back and very kindly she took laundry upstairs for me ~ duvet cover and fitted sheet are quite heavy ~ it usually takes me two trips ~ We think Natie has started at Bristol University today doing Chartered Accountancy including Maths ~ I must phone Will and check ~ only Doug still at school ~ lunch time had made a jolly good veggie stew ~ finely chopped onion and garlic and as always softened with a spoonful of sugar,  mushrooms, a couple of carrots, ditto celery stcks, the yellow pepper Lesley gave me , half a dozen of these baby potatoes I get from S's and at the last minute a handful of finely sliced sweet heart cabbage and a tin of chopped tomatoes ~ absolutely delicious and enough for tomorrow ~ Schubert playing as I type ~ glorious !   Earlier generations would only hear music if they could go to a concert ~ how incredibly lucky we are.   Adorable photos of Helen's twin grandchildren who were two the other day ~ Mostyn (m) and Freddy (f)  I think they are called !   Their mother Charlie looks deliriously happy ~ she and her partner Lu are such proud parents ~ what a wonderful world !

Wednesday afternoon ~ a lovely surprise ~ Di turned up, Di Feather ~ we have rather lost touch these last few years ~ it was awkward with her living in Scarborough  which in summer often meant queing for the Whitby bus and then notalways being able to get on, but she has moved back to Whitby so we will be able to keep in touch quite easily so that's good ~ we were really good friends until the bus journey became so difficult and crowded ~ having queued for an hour poor Di would frequently then have to stand all the way over here ~ no joke ~ having sorted out all the disks and got them back in alphabetical order, I have John Dowland in the background ~ it was Janet Smart who introduced me to him all those years ago ~ I have his complete works, well "John Dowland's Complete Music for Solo Lute" ~ four disks.   Great !

I must get someone to collect the three walking sticks I seem to have collected ~ with the walking frame Diana gave me and my own wooden stick I really have no use for them and they are really a damn nuisance  ~ I'll see if I can get the hospital number now . . . well, wonders never cease ~ I got straight through to the hospital and was put straight through to the Osteotherapy department who answered immediately and told me to ring this number in Hull and they will come tomorrow (can you believe !) and pick up these THREE walking sticks  incredibly helpful !   Right, having washed my hair and last night's meal to heat up, I can go and read ~ again I've put the heating on ~ so early in September !

It is Helen's birthday ~ I was in the Lower Sixth when she was born ~ a couple of years earlier Mum had had a miscarriage and was in hospital for weeks ~ I thought she was dying, and Dad did too ~ the children were dispersed among family and friends : Stephen and Nancy went to Joy Anderson in St Albans, Mary went to good friends at Long Ashton, William who was only a baby went to Mrs Aglionby round in Jubilee Road ~ I can't remember whether we fetched him home after school ~ I'd do my best to make us a meal at night but I could only have been 14 or so ~what happened about washing I can't remember ~ probably to calm his fears, Dad kept busy painting the house from top to bottom ~ it was so lonely, just us, that I'd follow him round doing my homework wherever he was working ~ she was in hospital for weeks and it was awful without her.   Diana was here this morning and got up on the table to clean the high shelf which was filthy ~ she passed everything down for me to wash while she cleaned the shelf ~ all sparkly clean now ~ it is only a few months since I did thuis myself, can you believe, up an down on the table.   "I'll do it in future " Diana insists, bless her.   Started sneezing with streaming nose but thank goodness it has fizzled out before it got serious.  As promised, someone collected the walking sticks so that's good ~ I only phoned them yesterday and they were coming from Hull and the Heart Shop will collect bag of things in the morning ~ the family are always on about my clutter ~ they will have a field day in the end.