Ome collection of postcards

The real pork pie Mary brought me

Friday ~ having taken one bag down to be collected by Heart Shop, by the time I got down from the attic with the second one, the first one had gone ~ already whipped away ~ rang shop immediately and the poor man had to come back for the other two bags !   Three blue bags of clutter gone ~ three bags full ~ I hope all of it will be useful to someone.  S's order came and fridge sorted out and all put away ~ Schubert in the background ~ 3.30 and getting chilly again ~ I've been re-arranging the postcards in here ~ in our North View days and so hard up, I sometimes longed to buy aomething~ ANYTHING ~ but with Will and Kate still to be fed and supported all I could ever afford was a postcard ~ @ 5p at most ~ and look at me now ~ no financial worries whatsoever ~ Praise the Lord !   And the DSS !  

I'm achieving very little nowadays apart from the morning chores and making a meal at night and keeping laundry under control, but I guess I should be thankful to be alive at 83 ~ to see what the family are up to ~ children and grand children ~ ~ although they all live far away, they keep in touch with regular phone calls  ~ I see Georgie the most often ~ Driffield is not too far away and Bill brings her over quite frequently ~ the very best thing is that Richard, my first-born, got in touch and came to see me ~ after all this time ~ FORTY YEARS ~ the news is full of troubles out in Barcelona where he and Imma live  ~ that area wants independence from Spain ~ Catalonia, is it ?   Hope they'll be OK, Richard and Imma.

Saturday morning : with  Handel ~ early chores, hoovered the kitchen and did the ironing ~ another small solar light came which I'll spread over the nearer of the box bushes ~ it has cable and plug though it definitely says SOLAR on the box ~ maybe it needs charging up to get it going ~ I do wish Richard-the-Gardener had come ~ it will be Tuesday at the earliest now ~ I'm hoping he'll do some odd jobs ~ the garden is OK for a few weeks yet ~ it would be a shame to cut back either the mallow or the Japanese anemone while they are in full flower ~  the shed needs cleaning out, no more frogs I hope ~ and perhaps he'll put a lick of paint on the wall above the Aga which is very discoloured ~ it is such a relief that Diana cleaned the high shelf for me ~ next Thursday I'll see whether she would clean the window up here ~ it means climbing up the step ladder to reach across the work-top ~ quite beyond me these days ~ it certainly needs doing ~ it is a disgrace.   Mary's pork pie for lunch, well half of it anyway ~ unlike those in the supermarket it was not produced down in Wiltshire a week ago before being shipped up to S's distribution centre ~ this one came from the butcher on Baxtergate, freshly made on the premises ~ a real treat.

Oh my stars ~ a Telly Marathon ~ 6.30  ~  ch/4 News ~ hour long programme about Dartmoor its history and legends ~ Lustleigh is on the edge of Dartmoor ~ switch to BBC2 for a trip around the Hebridean Isles and finally at 8.30 Dad's Army ~ qite a night but now I'll switch off and settle down for a good read

Sunday ~ Barbara popped round in the afternoon ~ she always has dramatic stories to tell me and I told her a bit about Di and Libby !   Again a serious telly night : News, Country File and Antiqwues ~ it is so easy to just sit there watching and all so very interesting including One Man and his Dog om Hampstead Heath !

and the other ~ cheap as they were, I could vert rarely afford one !