Mary's mouthwatering apple pie

Mary's great big beautiful cooking apple !

Is this it then ?

I'm afraid this will probably be the last entry ~ my eye sight is so poor it is quite a struggle now ~ I have really enjoyed writing the blog ~ maybe I will occasionally add a paragraph but otherwise . . . I have to say how amazed I am at how many followers I seem to have acquired ~ last week for instance there was a total of 96, 665 readers and that is only this SECOND blog.   I sent email to John c/o bev asking him to come and do a few jobs for me particularly treat the woodworm damage in attic window frame which is almost certainly ancient but just to be sure ~ amazing really that in this old house there has been no other sign of woodworm activity ~ maybe back thernn (around 1750) timber wasmore thoroughly preserved.

Tuesday ~ the landing light bulb has gone so it is extremely dodgy going up and down with a torch ~ I had hoped John or Richard would turn up today, but no ~I've half a mind to send cry for help to Gowan and Robert who are always down at Andersons at 7.30 ~ yes, I think I will do that ~ they always say "let us know if you need help."   Such good friends ~ we all used to gather at the paper shop at 7.30am but then my sight got so poor I could not read The huardian ~ however they are still friends, those two, and came recently and straightened up the seriously rucked up sitting room carpet for me ~ YES, I'll email them now.

Wednesday ~ a message from R & G that they would come but in fact they didn't ~ hope they weren't thinking it was a bit of a cheek expecting them to come simply to change a light bulb but that one is very tricky and no way would I dare do it myself ~ the ceiling is very high, the light fitting hangs right up to the ceiling and ~ worst of all ~ it means standing on step ladder RIGHT AT THE EDGE OF THE LOWER FLIGHT OF STAIRS ~ but praise the Lord, John was here checking the jobs I want him to do, and he was able to reach the bulb without steps !  Lots of friendly chatter in yard with Bev and John and Mary and Tom's mother here for a few days from Leeds ~ John is coming tomorrow to make a start on the list of jobs, including treating the woodworm on attic window frame and investigating nasty patch on wall above Aga ~ was it damp seeping through from shed roof before the Ingrams installed decent guttering out there with down pipe ~ you can see from attached comment that Barbara thought I was being maudlin yesterday ~ I was trying to look Old Age squarely in the face.   This was going to be my final entry ~ number 600 ~ but I so enjoy wittling on like this that I will probably keep going till my eyes give up completely !   But for now GOOD NIGHT and what a relief to have a light back on the stairs.

Saturday : not cold but dull : a useful morning and have just sent order to S's for delivery tomorrow.  Difficulty even making out order with my poor eye sight ~ 4.30 and I think I'll have a bath before I do the ironing ~ good chat with Kate last night who is meeting up with Jane (David's daughter) and Sarah (Stephen's) for girly night away from family responsibilities  in a hotel in Sheffield ~ they did it last year as well ~ Jane driving up from Dorset, Sarah down from Northumberland and Kate across from Heptonstall ~ the other girl cousins are Nancy's two out in Australia ~ in that generation we have  eight girls : Jane, Georgie, Kate, Sarah, Julia and Jessica , Frances, Charlie and Jess ~ and boys : Michael, Robert, Richard, William, Tim, , Piers. Scott, Mark and John ~ a pretty good number !

Photos from David's boy Mike of family gatherings down there in Cornwall ~ they seem very good at getting together, Mike, Jane, Robert and families and their mother Ann ~ all bright and successful and a credit to the two of them, Ann and David.

and her beef stew with dumplings !!! So incredibly kind !