Cousins ~ Sarah, Jane and my Kate

the mallow in full flower

No good . . .

the six black bags of mallow prunings

It's no good ~ I've decided I will keep going as long as possible (eye sight) ~ though it probably counts as a VANITY exercise, blogging ~ had a grumble at Johnny about this bloody wheel chair he brought me ~ a kind thought, but I've only ever used it once and that was simply to get back up the yard after visit to Scarborough Eye Clinic ~ it is pretty churlish of me but even folded up it is bulky and heavy ~ sorry, Johnny ~ really wet today and I'm putting the heating on most evenings from about 5pm and only October the First ~ I'm getting nesh in my old age.  I have agreed to this Government offer of a new boiler ~ the old one was installed in 2007 which just qualifies me ~ the boiler is in the shed so it wont mean a great upheaval indoors ~ and perfectly free ~ I did check that there were no surprise extras that I would have to pay for myself ~ every News bulletin on radio and telly there are reports of increasing protests in Barcelona ~ the people are struggling for independence from Spain ~ that's where Richard and Imma live, hope they are OK ~ Barbara came along and read my meters and entered amounts online ~ I simply can't see to do this any lomger so that's a wonderful help ~ flopping as usual after lunch and was startled by S's delivery which I'd completely forgotten about ~ all safely put away and fridge sorted out ~ sprouts for supper with a handful of these baby potatoes which can go straight in the pan ~ no need to peel  ~ and for a treat a quick lamb chop ~ i'm not completely veggie !   

Monday ~ Sue came and changed my shhets ready for the laundry in the morning ~ so helpful ~ later Richard was here to trim back the mallow which had gone crazy and in the family as Uncle Thad practically taken over not just my small garden but the whole damn yard ~ see the black bags of clippings just from it, he'll come again on Thursday to clear high wall and clean out shed ~ I really am incapable of doing that ~ mystery ~ these wavy lines have popped up on screen and I can't seem to get rid of them though maybe they will remove themselves when I log out~ YES I've just 'saved to view changes' and they have disappeared so that's good ~ no more tonight apart from picture of all Richard's black bags of mallow waiting for him to take to the dump later.

Tuesday ~ 10 o'clock and Saul here to cut my toe nails and give me a bit of a geology lecture, bless him ~  he is a very interesting character and having left school at 14, self-educated ~ when I could no longer get up to his shop/surgery, he agreed to come to me  once a month @ £30 only £5 more than I used to pay going up there ~ the service is provided free on the NHS but only once in ten weeks by which time the nails would be through the toes of my shoes '~ Kate says I can attach photo of the three of them, three cousins, Jane, Kate and Sarah on their away day in Sheffield ~ it's good they keep in touch like thi's.

Wednesday and Tony Swift came and sorted out the clock ~ the pendulum was scraping against the frame ~ I've really missed the ticking and the striking ~ it came to me with the bureau soon after we were married from Aunt Georgie in Edinborgh ~ it is known in the family as Uncle Tom's clock ~ Uncle Tom being the Rev Thomas Clark Wilson minister of Dunkeld xxxxx check dates with Kate ~ the bureau came from him too via Aunt Georgie ~ considering how many cousins I have, I am very lucky to have been left both these antiques.

John here doing various jobs outside and back tomorrow ~ so helpful ~ just watched "Who do you think you are ?" with Ruby Wax finding out about her fJewish family in pre-war Austria ~ her parents escaped to America but several others died ~ painful to watch ~ the book I'm reading is a historical novel about the 1500s set in Spain and so far rather slow ~ by 



Uncle Tom's clock and bureau (and Louie Bear !)

more cousins ~ Helen's girls with Charlie's twins ~ Mostyn and Frankie