The very useful chest of drawers from Quarry Road days 40 years ago

Tony Oakes cheap cupboard doors ~ lovely man !

Aide Memoire

and matching drawers

Too tired tonight apart from listing main activitiy which I will do justice to tomorrow.

Diana cane and cleaned this floor (bedroom, landing, bathroom) stairs  and,  bless her ~ Bev came and John to finish off yesterday's work on kitchen wall above Aga ~ Barbara popped in on her way to the library where she is a volunteer ~ these days I always feel I am about to topple over ~ the worst thing is when I try to stand up straight especially to reach up for something ~ then it is a great effort not to fall over backwards !   With John working in the kitchen, and Bev and Barbara and later Richard here it was quite a busy day !   But friendly.

Friday : it is bad news from Barcelona on every bulletin as they struggle from independence from Spain ~ riot police went in over weekend, the violence was incredible in a leading European State !   It suddenly strikes me that I don't need to hold on to the nasty cheap cupboard doors under kitchen sink, nor the matching drawer fronts ~ I will ask Richard or John, whichever comes first, to buy me decent replacements from Homebase and fit them for me ~ in my new affluence should easily be able to pay ~ why didn't I think of this before ~ they are cheap crap ~ a Tony Oakes speciality ~ the drawers and worktop up here in my study are the same but they don't offend me so ~ I could either get sober brown to match window frames and all doors throughout the house OR vibrant colours for the three drawers ~ one red, one blue, one green ?   The chest of drawers that came with me from Winchester and bright yellow ~ I remember painting them out on the back yard in Quarry Road ~a good forty years  ago and apart from a few chips, still bright and with six drawers very useful ~ pause to get photo ~ the chair came to us in Buxton with all the stuff from Aunt Georgie soon after we were married over 60 years ago !   Among other things were six heavy Victorian dining chairs which were quite overwhelming in our flat and which we should have offered to an antique shop but stupidle we dumped them in the grounds of a burnt out hotel ~ poor Howard taking one after another after dark ~ remembering how hard up we were, why didn't we sell them ~ no doubt somebody thopught they were onto a good thing ~ chairs from heaven, appearing as by magic night after night. 

Saturday morning and Georgie on her way ~she always rings to ask if I need anything from Sainsbury's ~ they call in there on the way over ~ a few small tomatoes is all I need today ~ I'll be making out an order later for delivery tomorrow ~ the garden ooks good now that Richard has had a go at it and cleared everything along the top of the high wall  ~ John is coming next week to paint ground floor windows and porch ~ the house will then be in pretty good order  (to jand on to next occupants (possibly, hopefully my own family).

I see on facebook that St Neots Dramatic Society are appealing for new members ~ that was my downfall, joining the Chesil Theatre where fred very soon invited me out for a drink one night after rehearsals and seduced me up on Old Winchester Hill ~ after twenty-plus years as faithful wife, and mother of four, I suddenly went mad and started LIVING !   Which soon led to the break-up of the family, and divorce !   They warned me that Fred was a wolf and would soon move on top his next target, another simple down trodden creature only too happy for a spot of colour in her drab life ~ but NO ~ they were wrong ~ first he bought a little terraced house where we could meet etc (!) and twenty-odd years later he was still driving all this way three or four times a year for he sea air and a few nights of passion !!   As I've admitted already, it was not that I was so incredibly sexy or desirable ~ Fred fancied himself as an orgasm producer of incredible skill, but with me he got nowhere ~ I always thought, if he'd only say something loving maybe that would do it, but he worked away in silent determination, poor fellow ~ still, it was quite jolly when he was here ~ he'd do all the cooking with fish every day and he intoduced me to crab and lobster ~ but he never did achieve his goal !!    He's gone now, bless him  ~ once or twice I accused him of seduction but if I hadn't joined the Chesil Theatre, if I hadn't acepted a lift in his car one night supposedly for a quiet drink in a country pub, I'd still be married and respectable ~ I don't think I was ever the marrying kind really, but in those days if a girl wasn't safely wed by the time she reached her early twenties, well there must be something odd about her.   Poor Howard, no doubt expecting we would live comfortably on two teachers salaries and maybe eventually decide to have a baby, one baby ~ but before we could turn round Richard was on the way and the other three not far behind ~ and I only managed one term teachin ~ teaching NOT the Sed Mods I'd trained for, NOT primary children, but a class of a dozen infants at Ashford-in-the-Water village school ~ and I could not even manage them ~ if I had not given in my notice when I realised I was pregnant, I am pretty sure I would have been sacked by that Christmas !  


and the old kitchen chair that came to me from Edinburgh fifty years ago