My music library ~ Bach to Vivaldi ~ I'm not into Wagner !

I was a teacher once ~ Miss Proctor with her class of juniors at Monks Kirby village school


Monday morning ~ last night's Songs of Praise was from Winchester which brought back so many memories and made me face up to how badly I behaved to pIoor Howard once Fred had got me in his harem ~ cruelly is not too strong a word I'm ashamed to say ~ as far as he knew, we were a happy couple with a happy family ~ having sold the Quarry ouse, he moved to North View with us until the end of term at All Saints School at which pount he would move up to Hull and the new headship there ~ he had arranged digs but to send him off unto the unknown a couple of days before Christmas was cruel @ after 23 years of fanily life ~ how could I have done it @?   And to make matters worse, none of us went with him to the station to see hum off ~ not Will, not Kate, not me !   Oh dear !   At least Georgie was up there in Beverley so he had someone ~ he did eventually meet Marge and they bought a bungalow and had many happy years together before she died of cancer, poor soul ~ Marge and I were quite good friends and used to have a chat on the phone occassionally ~ she was very good to my children treating them like her own.   { there @ it has quite upset me, remembering tall this ~ there will undoubtedly be more accusations of "maudlin" ~ better go and make coffee 

Later ~ having spent a good hour or so trying to increase size of pictures, well the picture at top of page which has messed up the whole screen ~ defeated, I phoned Chris Gill hoping he will pop in tomorrow ~ Ive pressed so many buttons in my struggle to delete the problem I must habe f...ed everything up !  At least the blog is still accesible (sp) ~ the window cleaners came and did mine and Margaret' and for an extra £5 one of them came in and cleaned top half of kitchen window and the same up here ~ there is no way I can reach across either the sink or up here the work top ~ Diana had a go but it is too much to aske her to reach across so awkwardly ~ John is probably coming tomorrow to paint both ground floor windos

*8.30pm ~ rang Chris who will come tomorrow afternoon to sort out computer problem ~ the screen saver is blank apart from very small icons scattered across it and I still have an enormous version of this picture filling the whole screen which I can't either get rid of or reduce in size ~ in trying to fix it I've been pressing every darned button and no doubt causing worse problems ~ Chris always sorts me out, bless him ~ healthy supper ~ a handful of these baby spuds, a parsnip, some fine green beans, a couple of mushrooms and the other slice of roast beef ~ it came with the S's  delivery and I made a wonderful sandwich yesterday ~ fresh white bread, roast beef and mustard !!

How lucky we are with the radio ~ I'm woken at 6.30 with Radio 3 ~ once down stairs it is Radio 4 in the kitchen and I have it on whenever I am down there : cooking, eating, washing up, doing the ironing or whatever ~ an astonishing range of programs/'topics from morning to night ~ while I'm here working at the computer I usually pop one of the disks on ~ what a wondrous life indeed !

Tuesday and was expecting John would be here to start painting ground floor windows but no sign of him yet ~ a useful morning so far ~ Barcelona is still the lead item on the News ~ as many of them are out on the streets demonstrating to remain in Spain as those derermined to break away ~ I thought this screen problem might have sorted itself out over night while the computer was turned off, but NO ~ you can see how weird it looks with tiny icons thinly scattered across the screen ~ thank goodness I rang Chris !   Well, here's a thought ~ all the kids in the photo will now be well into their seventies !   Funnily enough, looking at the class photo for the first time in years, I can remember each of them ~ the bright ones, the cheeky ones, the dull ones, the naughty ones, the bossy ones, the timid ones ~ and we are talking of some sixty years ago !   Amazing !

Oh lord ~ since Chris was here earlier to sort out a SIZE problem, I have discovered I cannot access documents at all ~ neither files nor folders though a full list of both comes up on screen ~ have sent Chris email hoping he can pop in again shortly ~ I must have pressed the wrong button ~ not that it really matters but a pity to lose so much work : 3 novels, 3 TV plays, dozens of articles and that is in addition to all the general stuff : letters, poetry and official correspondence to the bank, my lawyer etc ~ fingers crossed for full recovery ! 

The empty screen saver ~ I'll get a better picture in the morning ~ not much better ! Chris has fixed it, bless him.