the freshly painted door


O my stars ~ teaching !   I was supposed to be trained as a teacher of Secondary Pupils but from the short periods of school practice it was obvious that I could not cope with teenagers ~ they realised this at my first job interview in Rugby where Howard already had a job lined up in a Sec mod school ~ very kindly they suggested this job at Monks Kirby village school ~ but it was soon clear that I could not even cope with these 8/9 year olds ~ it was then the CEO sent for me and behore sacking me said that as I had previously been in domestic service (kitchen maid at Eton and au pair in Switzerland) it was a great shame I hadn't stayed in domestic service !!  I was not cut out for teaching !   After we were married and living in Buxton I got a job with the infant class at Ashford in the Water but coped no better with 5 and 6 year olds ~ with my Richard on the way that misery only lasted till Christmas when I could retire with dignity ~ oh dear ~ a talle of disaster told by an idiot ~ pause for lovely long chat with Kate ~ a quick resume of this very busy day before I go down and settle down for a read before Question Time (or do I mean Any Questions ?)   Diana came and gave the sitting room and kitchen a good do, John came and started painting the porch ~ all the ground floor now looking great ~ porch and windows ~ Chris brought the computer back but in spite of his best efforts he could not recover the documenys that disappeared suddenly on Tuesday ~ ALL THE DOCUMENTS ~ eight or nine years' work including texts of 3 novels, 3 TV plays, dozens of articles, some poetry ~ in addition to gebneral correspondence ~ all gone for good though in truth I had not referred to any of it for yonks ~ it was just good to know it was there ~ sickening !   John was busy here till mid afternoon and wil pop in again to touch up one or two areas ~ while we had mugs of tea he told me a good deal about his family ~ I suggested he should record it on tape for his own children and future generations ~ later Richard came first to take the great pile of his black bags (mostly mallow) to the dump, before clearing out the shed for me ~ he too is such an interesting man ~ how lucky I am to have so many cheerful friendly helpers ~ Praise the Lord and that's enough for tonight.

Friday : John here to finish painting the window frames ~ all looking super ~ Tom came down with Steve who lives in number 6 Forester's Court, right behind me, who is hoping to produce a wall panel describing the Sanders in my house and then his place from 1750 onwards which he is basing on a piece I had in the Gazette several years ago ~ interesting suggestion and he'll show it to me before he publishes it ~ long chat with Georgie ~ Bev popped in looking for John who had gone down to help Simon and will be back next week to paint windows on this floor and fit wooden fronts to kitchen drawers in place of horrid cheap ones I have lived with all these years.  Phone call from so-called Government agents offering to install new boiler FREE ~ they have been pestering me for a week or two and assured me I qualified for FREE replacement as much publicised by Theresa and buddies : "Phoning to arrange date for installing your boiler which will cost £450-odd to be paid in advance."   What !   Is this the FREE boiler, no hidden extras, installed and working FREE as promised to the aged who are on benefots !!  Clearly a scam ~ letter to Gazette, Guardian and our MP ~ each time they rang, I could hear a great racket in the background as a room full of desparate mugs tried to persuade us all to sign up for Mrs May's generosity !   Can't they be stopped, these cheats !   "No, no ~ it is absolutely free !"  Haha !

8.30pm and call from Mary to warn me Sainsbury's are doing no deliveries over weekend or indeed through next week @ I've just checked and ASDA will deliver in this area so if I need to I'll give them an order but I should be OK till Monday or Tuesday ~ as long as I've milk and bread, eggs and cheese, and a few yoghurts I'll be fine ~ funny about S's though ~ very funny !

When Chris came to sort out computer he brought 20 month old Evan with him ~ such a poppet and he sat quietly on his daddy's lap while work was in progress. , taking it all in.  John says he will do the attic windows as well as those on this floor but they are far too high, don't you think, for a man on a ladder ~ last time they were painted Dick and Mick did them but put scaffolding up which was expensive but better than broken bones.   John tells me that way back ships used to bring all sorts of treasures home and once it was a dear little monkey which was left as a pet with the family in Crystal's house while the menfolk went back to sea ~ but o lord !  When they returned the darling monkey had grown into a large and aggressive creature ~ a menace to all ~ and had to be killed ~ maybe it was monkey bones they found in the cellar of Johnny's cottage, number 3 !   I'm pretty certain that when my Jonathan Sanders came from Guisbrough to maarry the widow of a sea captain lost at sea, with his bride he became owner of all the properties in this yard, those on both sides of the foot path ~ all but Mary & Tom's house at the top which was known as 'the Captain's House, and Crystal's house at the bottom of the yard ~ owning all these old cottages (thanks to his bride) Jonathan was free to knock a couple of the hovels  down to make room for this elegantbut modest  early Georgiandouble fronted town house ~ of course they are not hovels today but beautifully restored bijou cottages.  Well blow me !   Every Friday SimpleSite end me the total of how many people have read my blog this week together with running total and for this my second blog todays total is a cool 100,000 hits ~ amazing ~ one hundred thousand ~ HITS not readers ~ and I've no idea who any of you are ~ amazing !

Saturday ~ I'll be thankful when Johnny comes and removes the bloody heavy wheel chair he and Darren brought ne months ago and which I've never used and which is a darned nuisance in the kitchen @ for instance, there may be more tins of paint in the cupboard under the stairs,  possibly the dark green paint for the twiddly bits on porch ~ suddenly wondering whether we could put the same colour on the side panels inside the porch ~ I'll see what John thinks.

John's freshly painted sitting room window

and ditto the kitchen window